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The Best Cannabis Gifts for the 2021 Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us, and it is time to get the best cannabis gifts for all of your friends and families.  With the ever changing landscape of cannabis legalization and the cannabis industry, cannabis themed gifts are growing even more popular each year. 

Actually, an overwhelming majority (76%) of people said they plan to give cannabis or related products as gifts this holiday season, according to the results of an inaugural “Cannabis Consumer Insights Holiday” poll , which was just released by Jushi Holdings.  The company recently surveyed 1,000 cannabis consumers with state-legalized cannabis sales from the U.S. through Pollfish.  Also, when asked, “if cannabis was legal across all of America, would you be more likely to purchase cannabis or cannabis-related products as holiday gifts,” 88% of respondents stated yes.

So, what are the best stoner gifts for the 2021 holiday season?  We have you all covered here! 

What are the best cannabis gifts for the holidays 2021?


I have received and enjoyed multiple different kinds of monthly boxes that are cannabis themed, and while I love that there are several currently on the market at all, I have to say that Cannabox is the best.  Their boxes are consistent in both delivery time and in the elements I can expect in the box each month.  I love opening the box to see what goodies are in it and always use each item.  The way the boxes are themed each month makes it even more enjoyable!  Every month in your Cannabox, you get an awesome theme with 6-8 seriously useful accessories like glass pipes & bongs, dab rigs, rolling papers, rolling trays, snacks, and gear. There is typically a t shirt matching the theme and sometimes even a tote bag! Items are carefully hand-picked or designed and you can purchase 1, 3, or 6 month box subscriptions. Cannabox was created in 2013 in Phoenix, AZ where the still headquarters reside, and has become a leading online smoke shop since then. A perfect gift for a newbie or seasoned marijuana enthusiast! 

Essence CBG Smokes

For the (non-nicotine) mellow seeker!! Essence smokes are all-natural, relying entirely on a high-CBG hemp strain for its CBG. No extraction. No sprayed distillate. Just chemical-free, high-CBG hemp. Essence Smokes offers consumers the plant’s full spectrum of cannabinoids and other plant-based compounds. Essence Smokes are crafted from hemp rolling paper. Their natural filters biodegrade in less than a week upon reaching the ocean, and within a few weeks in landfills, so they’re also exceptionally sustainable. While almost entirely crafted for cannabis plant materials, Essence Smokes look and act like a regular cigarette, and do not smell like cannabis at all. A great gift for anyone who likes a little lift in their day, or even as a gift to a loved one who is trying to kick the nicotine habit! Perfect gift for a holiday party or stocking stuffer. 

Garcia Hand Picked Cannabis (and Goods

How about your music loving friend or family member…do you have a perfect cannabis gift for them?  Check out Garcia Hand Picked…a collection of cannabis products and merchandise honoring Jerry Garcia and created in partnership with Holistic Industries and The Garcia Family. From eco-friendly packaging to Jerry’s original artwork, quotes from Jerry, and suggested playlists for each strain, Garcia Hand Picked products and merchandise were designed specifically for the fans and all cannabis and music lovers. Garia Hand Picked offers both cannabis products and other goods and merchandise…something sure to please your cannabis and music enthusiasts! 

CBD Dog Treats by Platinum Vape (PV)

Looking for the best gifts for your furry children or other furry friends in your life?  Or perhaps for some dog moms and dog dads in your life? Platinum Vape has the best CBD gift pack for pets out there! Platinum’s line of dog-friendly CBD products are the perfect R&R treat for the doggos. Similar to adults, studies have shown CBD provides pets relief from anxiety and physical pain. As a part of their REACT Foundation, Platinum (also a cannabis vape company) donates a part of the proceeds from their specially-themed Animal Rescue vape to three fantastic organizations in California, Michigan, and Colorado dedicated to rescuing dogs and rehabilitating them for adoption. Platinum’s CBD Dog Treats are made with the safe, high quality ingredients and offer a savory and deliciously restorative reward for pups. Platinum’s CBD dog treats are available in four delicious flavors, and they also carry a CBD spray and oil specifically made for pets. Yummy for the dogs and a nice effect that hopefully mom and dad will enjoy too! 

Blazy Susan’s Pink Rolling Papers and Cones

Looking for a “pretty in pink” gift for someone? Whether it’s your friend, your sweetie, or even your favorite canna mom, look no further! Blazy Susan’s famous Pink Rolling Papers are proudly vegan and non-GMO. They are made in France using premium materials that deliver a high quality slow burn with no aftertaste, and they look adorable!! I have not seen pink papers of this brightness and quality elsewhere on the market. Blazy Susan also makes Pink Pre Rolled Cones which are the perfect option for anyone looking for a convenient and easy way to smoke “pink” who doesn’t have rolling skills (like me!). Blazy Susan’s accessories are perfect for any smoker, from casual to connoisseur. Blazy Susan also carries a variety of rolling and dab trays that are super fun for any stoner, regardless of level of experience. Besides, who wants red and green during the holidays when you can have PINK? 

Premium Jane Bath Bombs

Everyone needs a little extra self care, so you can’t go wrong with this gift!! Place one of these 50mg CBD Bath Bombs into your warm bath and watch as it begins to fizz releasing a mix of CBD and soothing botanical aromas. These organic CBD bath bombs provide you with a full-body topical experience for up to 45 minutes. These bath bombs are available in Eucalyptus, Lavender, Almond Coconut, Jasmine, and Cedarwood scents, and are sure to be one the best best cannabis gifts you can give this season.

However and whatever you and yours choose to celebrate this holiday season, we hope you enjoy gratitude, gift giving, and (of course) some good cannabis products! The Jushi survey also reported that 91% of respondents said that they plan to use cannabis as part of their holiday celebrations this year…

Happy Holidaze!


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