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THAILAND MARIJUANA LEGALIZED 2022 | 7th Thailand 420 Highland Event

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As of JUNE 9, 2022 all parts of the Marijuana plant including the THC flowers have been legalized and removed from the narcotics list in Thailand.

I had the pleasure of attending the 7th Thailand 420 highland event called Legalaew in Nakhon Pathom, just outside of Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate the full legalization of cannabis flowers and its THC… This was a 2 day event, where there was live music, weed dispensaries, growing accessories and more. PLEASE READ BELOW

Dos and Dont’s:
Thailand had delisted the cannabis plant and flowers from the narcotics list. Currently consumption, possession, cultivation, and sales of cannabis (roots, stems, leaves, THC flowers) that is not extraction is LEGAL!
But please use it responsibly and safely:
– Do not use in public as you can get in trouble for being a public nuisance carrying up to THB 25,000 fine and up to 3 month prison time.
– Do not use and then drive or operate heavy machinery, your license and be cancelled.
– Do not allow those under the age of 20 acess to cannabis.
– Do not mix cannabis and other substances such as tobacco or alcohol.
– Beware of high THC cannabis flowers as currently there is no regulations on the amount.
– Edible is still not allowed for sale without going through the FDA
How long it will stay this way is up to all of you, if we can show that cannabis can bring money and tourist into Thailand, it may stay like this forever. Please help us keep it this way by come and check out what pretty flowers Thailand have to offer.
Happy Thai Cannabis Legalization Day. #legalaew #thailand

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