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Talk n Toke w The Chillinois podcast

The third Talk n Toke of Season III and it’s with the good people of the Chillinois Podcast. Cole and Justine host a number of cannabis professionals and enthusiasts on their podcast. You can find the Chillinois Podcast on any place you can download podcasts from.

0:00 Intro
7:37 Legislation in Other States
11:00 Terps and THC: Do they matter?
18:25 Justine: Coast to Coast
25:07 Ne Licenses Ever?
30:31 Open Market in Illinois
37:50 Weed is Still Illegal
48:12 Mushroom Church
51:00 Justine vs The Aussies
55:55 Beavis and Butthead: Always Funny
59:31 Where to find The Chillinois Podcast

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