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Strain Reviews • Ace Valley – CBD Disposable Vape

I’m Natasha and I do strain reviews here in Canada.
This video was shot in June of 2020 – sorry!

ACE VALLEY – CBD Disposable Vape
“Strain – AC/DC”

Overall Review;
I really enjoyed this vape pen. Coming in as a 1:2 Ratio of THC to CBD
Approx 25% of THC to 50% of CBD
This pen was so great, smooth, easy high, focusable, calming, clear. I would recommend using this when feeling the pressure of life (especially now), It helped me with some of my aches as I have a rare auto immune condition and was in a collision last year. (months after the record date of this video) I purchased this for about $50 and it lasted me just over a month of a casual smoke here and there when needed. Worth the purchase. Ace Valley has delivered 100%

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