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January 25, 2022

Stock up for a totally different kind of year with this stacked lineup of delta-8 products from DazeD8.

2021 was a breakout year for delta-8. There’s a reason we called it, “the year of the novel cannabinoid.” With more and more hemp-focused brands coming to the market, it’s an exciting time to find totally new products you love and to differentiate the players producing the good stuff—safely & transparently. 2022 promises to be the biggest year for recreational hemp yet, with delta-8 and other novel cannabinoids being pushed further in popularity and innovation.

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation and hemp products containing no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC nationwide. As such, it became possible to produce & sell hemp-derived delta-8 THC—THC’s psychoactive chemical cousin—along with other cannabinoids. Today, delta-8 has become more ubiquitous and accessible than ever before.

Because of delta-8’s national audience and unique effects, it’s different than products in the traditional cannabis industry. A few brands are embracing this and furthering novel cannabinoid research and extraction. It’s an opportunity to shape the market’s emerging identity in recreational hemp.

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The team behind DazeD8 would know—they’re industry experts at the center of it all. Originally based in cannabis-loving LA, the creators of DazeD8 made the move to Nashville in 2019 to set up shop in the epicenter of hemp growing in the United States. With a long legacy of hemp cultivation in the state, Kentucky continues to be an agricultural hemp hub with a huge percentage of the nation’s best farms.

Born in Nashville with roots in LA, DazeD8 is where science meets art.

Currently, DazeD8 employs a diverse team of over 65 in Nashville, where its proud team of 75% women and 40% minorities produces a vertically integrated product where they control everything from selecting the best Kentucky-grown hemp flower to the in-house extraction process. Creating directly for their unique audience, DazeD8 works with total transparency, understanding just how critical safety is with converted hemp-derived products. They’re driven to continue innovating with precision using the scientific process and with creative freedom in flavoring and design.

The result is a lineup of hyper-pure, always transparent products that are unlike anything you’re likely to find in the cannabis space and purposefully so.

Read on to find favorites from the DazeD8 catalog to start your New Year off right and discover what might be your new go-to in 2022.

Titanz Delta-8 2g Disposable Vapes

Courtesy of DazeD8

While many brands in the recreational hemp space seem to be in a race to the bottom for the cheapest product or the shiniest new cannabinoid application, DazeD8 continues to innovate around its tried-and-true delta-8 formulation to give consumers a pure, high-quality, consistent experience in flavors and formats they can get excited about.

You can see this philosophy in action in the brand’s Titanz line of 2g disposable vapes. DazeD8 was the first brand to develop 2g disposable delta-8 vapes and their 100% in-house process ensures only the highest purity delta-8 distillate and botanical terpenes make it into your product. Plus, a new dual-core ceramic heating element means you get the smoothest hits out there. The best part? Find these vapes in flavors like Pumpkin Spice Latte and Gummy Bearz as well as ICE flavors with menthol.

Premium cannabinoids

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DazeD8’s cornerstone product might be delta-8, but being experts in the hemp space, the brand understands the huge potential that comes with unlocking everything the full plant has to offer. Because safety and transparency from seed to sale are of paramount importance at DazeD8, they take extreme care in the scientific process behind extracting and isolating new novel cannabinoids. The result is a range of novel cannabinoid products in formats from pre-rolls to cartridges to disposables that offer innovative applications with safe & effective formulas. Looking for THCV, THC-O, delta-10, D6a10a, HHC, or HHC-O? DazeD8 is your source to try these emerging cannabinoids on their own or in thoughtful blends.


If your go-to format is dabbing, delta-8 dabs from DazeD8 might just become your MVP of this year. With more oil, high potency, and unique formulations, 3000mg delta-8 Diamond Dabs from DazeD8 start with scientists spending a week naturally growing each crystal in their lab. The heavy-hitting delta-8 + THC-O dabs are made with ultra-pure distillate and come in 2500 and 3000mg child-proof jars. 


Courtesy of DazeD8

DazeD8 gummies are made in collaboration with a confectioner that got his chops at a major US candy company. Located in Nashville, he teamed up with DazeD8 to combine expert candy-making experience with expert cannabinoid extraction & production. The happy collaboration means that you can now try delicious gummies with delta-8, THC-O, THCV, delta-8+CBN, and CBD+CBN all available from DazeD8. They even come in 2-packs so that you can try them all and find your favorite.

Ready to get DazeD8 for the New Year? Shop the full lineup at the link below.

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer:

Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

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