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Star signs and cannabis strains: June 2022 horoscopes


Happy June and welcome to Gemini season, Stargazers! We’re changing plans, going with the flow, and treating our problems like a fun breakout room puzzle that needs to be solved.

Warm, clear summer nights are here — the perfect occasion to ponder the stars, life, the meaning of the universe. Unless that sort of thing makes you break out into a cold sweat, in which case just stick to enjoying the stars.

The month starts off with a blessed occasion, Mercury returns to direct motion in Taurus on June 3. Can you feel the balance returning to your weary soul? Good. The month continues on with the Summer Solstice on June 21, and a new moon in Cancer on June 28.


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Get ready for some zany adventures, and remember to never let anyone dull your shine, Zodiac Babes. After all, you’re a one-of-a-kind collection of stardust that had the power to emerge from the great void.

Sit back, order some delivery and remember who the hell you are.

Your June horoscope


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Happy Birthday, you Gorgeous Gems! This is your month to do absolutely zero people pleasing. You are under no obligation to make anyone other than yourself a priority this June (unless you are literally in charge of keeping pets or babies alive, be sure to make space for that). On June 3, Mercury goes direct and we can all lower our shoulders and take a beat to reflect.

This is especially important for you, a sign ruled by Mercury. If your home looks like it was hit by gale-force winds, take some time to make it habitable for yourself. If your personal life is in equally dire straits after that retrograde, make time to journal and rebuild any important bonds that might have gotten a little frayed at the edges.

The Summer Solstice on June 21 will bring warm summer nights and plenty of chances to do some star-gazing. There is a new moon in Cancer on June 28. A moonless sky is the perfect reflecting surface. If you look into it hard enough, you might be able to reveal what you really want for yourself in this next year of life. Be gentle with yourself, but more importantly — let loose! You earned your time to dance.

June strain: You’re standing on the launch pad this month, get ready for the count down to your next adventure. Space Queen is a hybrid strain that’s loved for its sweet, vanilla aroma and users report that it’s a great strain if you’re looking for a mood boost or to forget a stressful day at work.


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Ah, June! Crabs almost always feel good in the sun (even goth Crabs — admit it). This month will have a lot of sunshine, both real and metaphorical, to go around. On June 3, Mercury returns to direct motion. Breaking that retrograde spell is going to feel so good.

On June 4, however, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. This backwards dance will last a few months, so buckle in and get ready to say “No” a lot. “No” to wasted energy, “no” to people who abuse your kindness. In better news, your ruler, the moon, will be full in Sagittarius on June 14. This is a pairing that encourages us to be playful and warm with those we love.

On June 28, there is a new moon in your sign. Take time to appreciate the blank canvas this presents. If it’s in your control and you want to change it, change it!

June strain: The planets are aligning in your favor this month, crabs. Planet X is an indica strain that was made for days spent melting into the couch or passing a joint around with friends.

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Summer was made for Leos and Leos were made for summer. June will be no exception for you, Lions. Mercury ends its retrograde in pragmatic Taurus on June 3. Friends’ feelings and intentions will begin to align again. On June 4, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. This change will last several months so be prepared to protect your energy and your time.

On June 21, we celebrate perhaps the holiest day of the year for Leos, the Summer Solstice. Be sure to carve out some space to celebrate the glorious sunbeam that you are. Let people know your worth. June 28, there is a new moon in Cancer. Use the energy this produces on creating a routine that is sustainable for you and will make life easier. You’ll be shining bright this month and the right people will notice.

June strain: People will be able to see your sparkle from outer space this month. Spark up some Space Dawg to really get the effect of being weightless in zero gravity. With a modest 18-19% THC, this is a great indica strain to smoke when you need a help settling in for an afternoon nap.


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Happy June, Virgo! Look at the life you’ve carved out in the last year. Even with so much stacked against you, you keep showing up in your life and that’s worthy of celebration.

First, in the good news department, your ruler — Mercury — goes direct again on June 3. Finally, you can start looking forward and catch your breath. On June 13, Mercury enters Gemini. This will stir up a lot of Air sign energy in your life that can be both fun-chaotic and nerve-wracking. Earth signs can struggle with so much uncertainty, but you just might have the energy to embrace it this month.

On June 28, there is a new moon in Cancer. This is a great time to set goals and expectations for yourself in the coming season. Make a list of places you would like to see and people you want to connect with this summer. Then, go out there and make it happen.

June strain: What’s sweet and out of this world? You, of course. Oh, and Planet of the Grapes. This is a hybrid strain known for its incredibly sweet flavor and delicious smell. Users love this bud for its groovy, cerebral effects.


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Ah, fair Libra. You’ve got a happy, balanced month ahead. Given that you’re the Scales zodiac, what more could you ask for? Mercury returns to direct motion on June 3. Finally, some emotional regulation will return to your innermost circle. On June 4, Saturn goes retrograde in fellow Air sign, Aquarius. Be ready to have your boundaries tested. Remember, you don’t have to receive any energy that you deem unhelpful.

On June 21, we celebrate the Summer Solstice, and on June 22 your ruler — Venus — enters Gemini. Flirty Gemini offers a great chance to spice up your love life. Do something your partner wouldn’t expect. On June 28, there is a new moon in Cancer. Time to set those goals and make sure you have the tools you need to succeed.

June strain: Do you think aliens celebrate birthdays? Something for your brilliant Libra brain to ponder this month. Get some help opening your mind by sparking up some Space Cake. This is a hybrid strain that users love for both its taste and its heavy, hard-hitting effects between the eyes.

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Happy Summer Solstice Month, Scorpios! As we enter deep into the warm season, you will have plenty of reasons to step into the sunlight this June. On June 3, Mercury returns direct in self-assured Taurus. If you’ve been trying to suppress a gut feeling about someone, cut that out. Listen to yourself and trust your intuition as any good Bull would do.

On June 13, Mercury enters Gemini. Funny, spicy Gemini could once again cause some emotional chaos in your inner circle, but this shouldn’t last long. On June 22, Venus also enters Gemini but with much better results. This pairing should spice up your romantic entanglements during the third week of the month. Do something unexpected for your partner and reignite that flame. There is a new moon in Cancer on June 28. This is a time for setting goals and making summer plans with friends. You have a busy but happy month ahead, Scorpios!

June strain: This month will be one small step for Scorpio and one giant leap for Scorpio-kind. Celebrate with Moon Cookies. This strain has 20% THC, which means you won’t want to be giving a presentation to the executive board after smoking a joint rolled with this stuff. Plan to get very familiar with your couch cushions.


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Sweet Sagittariuses! You have made it to the month of the Summer Solstice (June 21). As your heart thaws out in the gorgeous summer sun, remember that you shine year round for those who love you. On June 3, Mercury returns to direct motion in confident Taurus. Make that move you’ve been dying to make, now is your moment.

On June 4, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. This is a little chaotic. It might be best to tuck into yourself for the first few days of the month. Do your meditation practice or some journaling to get centered before you deal with the more difficult people in your life. Your ruler, Jupiter, is in direct motion this month. Business should be stable and so should finances. Maybe treat yourself to a little something nice to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

The month rounds out with a new moon in Cancer on June 28. This is your chance to do some long-range planning — particularly if you’ve been eyeing a trip somewhere.

June strain: You’ll find a comfortable orbit this month, Sag. Be prepared with some Full Moon. This is a tropical sativa that offers up a very trippy experience. Expect effects that hit hard and fast between the eyes. Most users love the strain specifically for this reason, but new users might be intimidated by it, so your mileage may vary.


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Happy Summer Solstice (June 21), Capricorns! You Earth-bound babes will be feeling a gravitational pull towards bigger things this month. On June 3, Mercury returns to direct motion in bold Taurus. Call out what doesn’t sit right with you this month. Someone will be deeply grateful you did.

On June 4, your ruler Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. Don’t let anyone push you around this week — trust that people will try you. On June 13, Mercury enters Gemini to add just a bit of spice to everything. Some of this will be the fun kind of chaos, especially if you learn to embrace it. You might even learn something new about your friends if you sit back and watch the show.

There is a full moon in Sagittarius on June 14. Cook a nice dinner and admire that big beautiful moon from your front yard. Appreciating the little things this month will take you far.

June strain: What’s sweet and a little out there (in the best way possible)? You, Capricorns! Well, you and Space Cookies. This is a hybrid strain that is well known by seasoned users for its extra potent effects. Don’t be surprised if you temporarily leave earth after packing a bowl of this stuff.

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Happy June, Aquarius! The year is flying by but you’re adept at catching the small moments that make up a big, beautiful life. Keep up that energy this month and it will be a good one. On June 3, Mercury returns to direct motion in confident Taurus. Capitalize on this Bull energy to get something you’ve wanted at work or in your personal relationships. Don’t hold back.

On June 14, there is a full moon in Sagittarius. Do something wild like dance under the full moon. Learn to surprise yourself. On June 28, there is a new moon in Cancer.

Call up an old friend and ask them if they want to do a day trip somewhere. Maybe hit the beach or another close body of water. You could use a refreshing dip, both literally and metaphorically.

June strain: You are a bright spot in the galaxy, Aquarius. Smoke up some Star Killer to honor your celestial spirit. This is an indica-dominant strain that users love for its careful mix of body effects and cerebral highs. This is a great strain for a summer day spent in the park or at the beach.


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Happy Summer Solstice (June 21), Pisces! You’ll really come into your own this month. On June 3, Mercury returns to direct motion in Taurus. Leverage this Bull energy to get something you’ve desperately needed in your personal relationships.

On June 4, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. This is the perfect time to solidify what you expect from your friends. Don’t settle for people that make you feel like garbage. On June 14, there is a full moon in Sagittarius. Get a little wild. Wear something weird. Embrace the chaos of the cosmos in any way you can. Your ruler, Neptune, goes retrograde on June 28. This might feel a little like taking a cold shower. Be prepared for some harsh truths about yourself to surface.

It’s all going to be for the better, Pisces. Take it one day at a time and pretty soon you’ll realize you’ve built an incredible year for yourself.

June strain: You’re a wonderful little collection of stardust, Pisces. Own that truth and spark up some Outer Space. This sativa strain is popular amongst casual and heavy users alike. Users love to smoke this bud when they need a creative boost.

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Rams operate by their own set of rules, it’s true. This month will require you to become more of a team player. In other words, embrace your inner Gemini. On June 3, Mercury goes direct in Taurus.

Mercury sorting herself out (and moving in direct motion) in the balance and pragmatic Taurus will expedite our collective return to stasis. Whatever petty drama that came out of the retrograde can officially be dropped. Start with a fresh slate. Your ruler, Mars, is also in direct motion this month so finances and business are looking stable for the month of June.

Look to the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 as an opportunity to let loose and explore your silly side. The Summer Solstice is on June 21. Listen, you don’t need an excuse to manage a social event but this is your opportunity to shine! Get the whole team together for a game of frisbee in the park. Bonding in the sunshine will be healing for your soul. 

June strain: Tune in, space out, do your own thing this month. Space Jill is a great little sativa treat to take with you to the park or just to smoke on the couch while you’re waiting for your food order to arrive. This bud is sativa-dominant, so expect a cerebral experience mixed with some stress-busting effects that users love.

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Bull head on light green background with cannabis border with word
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Bulls, Bulls, Bulls. Are you ready for a month of uncertainty? That makes it sound worse than it actually is. Truthfully, this month will test you with all the air sign/Gemini vibes floating around. Bulls don’t typically do well with hypotheticals or changing itineraries. So, your challenge this month is to remember that only you can control your energy. Spend it wisely.

Your ruler, Venus, is in direct motion all month. Love and romance will be stable, if not a little uninspired. That’s okay! This is a month to focus on your own struggles. On June 3, Mercury returns to direct motion in your sign. Emotional regulation! Phew. It was sorely needed. On June 14, there is a full moon in Sagittarius. Prioritize fun. Make up a new drink recipe, try a new strain of bud, or invite some friends over for a game night.

On June 21, we celebrate the Summer Solstice. Soak up the sun and honor the return of warm days by spending as much time as you can in nature. Finally, there is a new moon in Cancer on June 28. In the dwindling days of June, prioritize building bridges. Reach out to that friend who has been a little quiet lately. There’s someone in your life that would benefit from your company. 

June strain: Time to launch into your own orbit. 10th Planet is a hybrid strain that medical users love for its pain-busting and appetite-stimulating effects. It’s a calyx-heavy strain that tastes and smells of grape. All you have to is lay back and enjoy the buzz.

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