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STA101: Nutrition Month Pt3: ’Food Intolerance' with Dr Gill Hart

Our ‘Focus on Nutrition’ month continues with Part 3: ‘Food Intolerance’ with special guest Dr Gill Hart, BSc (Hons), PhD, Cert Mgmt (Open), FIBMS.

Dr Gill Hart is a leading UK Biochemist, an expert on food intolerance and a credible and respected authority on a range of related issues, with over twenty years experience in the development and clinical evaluation of diagnostic tests.

As Scientific Director at YorkTest Laboratories ,a leading provider of food intolerance tests and food allergy tests for 40 years, Gill regularly gives talks and lectures on food intolerance at Universities, Colleges, trade shows and consumer events. She also provides guidance for those choosing diagnostic tests with her ‘What makes a good diagnostic test’ checklist, and has written many articles in scientific journals and consumer magazines.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
• The history of food intolerance testing and how YorkTest became the UK’s leading food intolerance, allergy and home health testing company.
• The difference between an allergy and a food sensitivity
• The prevalence of food intolerance worldwide and in the UK
• Different types of food intolerance and the tests available
• Symptoms of food intolerance
• Immunoglobulin G Tests – Why do we measure food-specific IgG antibodies in blood?
• IgG tests at YorkTesting – how blood is taken, how food-specific IgG reactions are measured, how results are collated
• A look at the evidence for food-specific IgG tests being effective
• How soft tissue therapists & practicioners can work alongside YorkTest, and how can tests be ordered

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YorkTest Website:
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Tel: 01904 410 410
Facebook: @yorktestUK
Twitter: @yorktestlabs
Instagram: @yorktestUK

Our sincere thanks to Dr Gill Hart for giving up her time to be a guest on the Sports Therapy Association Podcast!

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