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Good old St. Patrick’s Day; for the Irish, it’s a day of national pride and for everyone else, it’s a great excuse to party. When you consider the origins of the holiday, this is kind of funny and ironic. St Patrick’s Day commemorates Ireland’s conversion to Christianity, thus, green beers all around. If this correlation isn’t obvious to you, here is the story behind St Patrick’s Day; how it started, how it’s going, and a word search to bring you the luck of the Irish.

How it started

If you ask a random person, they will tell you that St Patrick’s Day celebrates the Irish equivalent to ‘the Pied Piper’. Saint Patrick was a Christian priest credited with driving out the country’s snake surplus. 

Knowing the climate in Ireland, it’s hard to imagine the country being overrun with cold-blooded reptiles. But believe it or not, there are elements of the story that are based on fact. Saint Patrick truly was a Christian priest that came to Ireland with a purpose. But, instead of driving out snakes, he eradicated paganism and converted Ireland to Christianity. 

How it’s going – thou shalt go party

If St Patrick’s Day commemorates Ireland’s conversion to Christianity, why do we drink and party? The simple answer is that it’s to celebrate the peaceful transition. Saint Patrick used his powers of persuasion to eradicate paganism without causing bloodshed. In fact, Ireland is historically known as the only European country to have done this. Through his leadership, Ireland converted to Christianity and ended practices like slavery and human sacrifice. He was beloved and appreciated by the Irish people because he ended harmful practices and brought about change in a peaceful way. Thus, every year, Ireland raises a glass in his honor and welcomes the world to lift one as well. It’s a day where we all get to be a wee bit Irish because the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day is about peace and goodwill. 

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Here are some St. Paddy’s Day fails and a word search to help get you into the spirit. Fire up some good greens and have a very happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



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