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So, What Do I really think? #91

The future looks bleak.

Robert Ellis’ Livestream
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: How old are you? A: I am 69 years old.
Q: How was your day? A: It was fine, thank you.
Q: When did you start vaping? A: I started vaping in 2013.
Q: Do you still smoke/Did you used to smoke?
A: I no longer smoke, and I used to smoke 2 and a half packs before swapping to vaping in 2013.
Q: What do you think of the memes that have been made about you? A: It doesn’t really bother me.
Q: What are your thoughts on Weed/Marijuana? A: It’s illegal.
Q: Do you/have you smoked weed? A: No, it’s illegal.
Q: Do you do or have you ever done any kind of drugs? A: Once again… illegal.

Q: Have you tried THC vapes?
A: No and neither should you as they can be dangerous.
Q: Where do you live? A: I live in Florida, USA.
Q: Are you a Republican or Democrat? A: Republican.
Q: What are your thoughts on underage vaping? A: It is illegal.
Q: Should I start vaping?
A: If you currently smoke cigarettes, yes, if you don’t, no.
Q: Should I start vaping if I’m bored? A: Seriously..?
Q: Can you do vape tricks? A: No.
Q: Can you take a fat rip of your vape? A: No.
Q: What is your favorite Mod/Vape?
A: The one I am currently using in this livestream.

Q: Thoughts on disposable vapes?
A: I don’t like disposables, I also do not review them.
Q: When will you review ____ on your channel?
A: Check to see if I have already, if I haven’t I may get to it at some point, or I may not.
Q: What E-Liquid are you currently vaping? A: WHALE NUTZ.
Q: What is your favorite E-Liquid? A: WHALE NUTZ.
Q: What is WHALE NUTZ?
A: Donate $20 Million and I might tell you.
Q: Do you work? A: No, I am retired.
Q: What did you do for work?
A: I worked in the Information Technology (IT) field.
Q: What are your dog’s names? A: Zuzu and Buddy.
Q: Are you married? A: I am indeed.

Q: How can I support you?
A: You can subscribe to the channel, like any videos or live streams you watch, leave a comment. More specifically for live streams, you can send super-chats or click the “Join” button to pay a monthly fee to support the stream.
Enjoy the stream.
Robert Ellis, TheArmedVaper.


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