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So Much Talk about a Plant



It’s hard for me to understand why so many politicians and others (Prohibitionists) who think along the same lines are afraid of marijuana.
Do you need a vote to legalize something that is sold in the Black Market and has been for over 40 years?
• we’re not talking about nickels and dimes in yearly sales
• we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of illegal sales just in Ohio
• and we’re talking about a plant, just a plant

That in itself is the main reason it should be legalized, today, with a stroke of a pen.

It’s here now!!!! Tons of it!!!

It’s almost hilarious to hear people who don’t smoke weed talk about how dangerous it is, how it’s a stepping stone to harder drugs, how businesses won’t be able to find help, how many more high people will be driving or what a bad message legalization sends to children.


How many pot prohibitionists have alcohol in their homes right now; in the cupboard or refrigerator, in the basement or garage or have purchased it in a restaurant or bar?


How often do your children see the alcohol, see you drink it, see relatives drink it, hear about drunk escapades, watch you purchase it for yourself and others?

Your children are smarter than you give them credit for; they see the hypocrisy when you spout off about how awful and dangerous marijuana is.

And you’re worried about the message pot legalization will have? Comical, you need to worry about the message YOU send about alcohol.


There are hundreds of millions of users that can attest you don’t know what you’re talking about.


More high drivers on the road: I’ve got to laugh at this one.

Prohibitionist, how often do you drive after you have had a drink or two? Like dozens of times right?
How many times have your children watched you have a drink or two at a party or restaurant, than drive home? Like dozens right?

You people are the real menace on the road right now. After one or two drinks you drive reckless and aggressively; two main ingredients for a serious accident.


The worst hypocrisy however is the medical profession being against marijuana’s legalization.


In 2015, there is a heroin addiction problem not seen in the history of America directly attributed to the over prescribing of opiate based pain killers so powerful, even the least likely person you would ever think could become addicted does.
Once they can’t get their prescriptions filled, they have to buy some on the street. That won’t last long because street price for pain killers is really high.

They will switch to heroin because it’s cheap and once they do that their life if over until they get completely clean. They will probably lose everything they have, cost their families, health care providers and social agencies thousands and end up in jail sooner than later.

And you’re worried about marijuana?


Your profession as well as your partners in crime, the pharmaceutical companies should be ashamed of yourselves.


Pot is safer than anything and would be a perfect alternative for all the booze hounds and drug addicts in this world causing trouble.

Prohibitionists, if you really want to know the real deal about pot, why don’t you ask one or several of the hundreds of millions of people over 60 years of age (my age group) who have smoked it for over 40 years. We are alive and well.

Or ask one or several of the hundreds of millions of people over 21, 31, 41 or 50 years of age the same questions.


Are they all functioning?

Do you see any “Reefer Madness” symptoms?


Think about how banks, airlines, phone companies, utility companies, cable companies, hospitals, insurance companies etc. screw everything up all the time.

All those companies drug test their employees and new hires. If you’ve smoked pot with in about 30 days or so of a test, you’ll fail and you can’t get hired or you’ll get fired or at best sent to drug rehabilitation and be retested so if you want to work, you have to remain sober.


All those screw ups you keep running into are caused by prohibitionists like yourself, not marijuana users.


Not only are your ill-conceived viewpoints making me a criminal each and every time I buy or use weed, you are preventing another class of users who could benefit from the effects of marijuana; people who gain medical benefits from it.

Marijuana, which has been proven to be absolutely, unequivocally safe, so safe in fact it’s being used right now, medicinally, with great success without any drug testing or approval from the FDA.


Again, no question here; marijuana is safe or me and the hundreds of millions of others would be dead or insane.


Will the medicinal qualities work for everyone? Can’t say for sure but it has worked for many and anyone should be able to try it to find out.


For any prohibitionist or politician to hold up legalization for no other reason than ignorance is a crime against humanity.


For the prohibitionist who has never smoked or used pot before, think of it the same way you think about having a beer, glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage. The same reason you have a drink is the same reason I smoke a bowl.


Alcohol is the real drug that should be illegal but I guess you, the prohibitionist, feel that most people can use alcohol responsibly or you would be working to prohibit it right?


Marijuana should be treated at worse the same as alcohol.


It doesn’t need regulations but if that’s what you need to make it legal, than do it.


Keeping Pot illegal is ignorant, sophomoric, discriminatory and downright stupid.


Now is the time to legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal use.

I would love to read your comments. Please leave them below.

Thank You!


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