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Smokus Pocus: A Cannabis Themed Magic Show


What’s better than watching a magic show?  Watching a magic show STONED! Am I right?  Regardless as to what you think about cannabis, it’s still a hot button topic these days and Ben Zabin, the founder of Smokus Pocus, is here to help us enjoy all the humor and entertainment involved with this topic.

What is Smokus Pocus?

Smokus Pocus is an ongoing weed-themed magic show that appeals to both stoners and non-stoners alike.  While cannabis consumption is not involved in any part of the show for either the audience or the host, the humor and magic tricks in the show are mostly cannabis centric and provide for a good laugh or gasp of disbelief from almost all audience members.  The show runs about 60-70 minutes and is currently produced regularly in Portland, Oregon, but has also been done in other cities around the country, such as Seattle, Oklahoma City, Missoula, and throughout Oregon and Washington state. 

Ben Zabin says that Smokus Pocus was an idea festering in his mind for about 3-4 years. “People like weed and people like magic, and they both blow minds!” he laughed.  After some thought and preparation, he launched the show during the pandemic in May of 2021.

“I always loved magic and always wanted to be a magician. Weed became a passion of mine too, but more from a recreational standpoint and I started selling it on the street.” Zabin stopped going to college after a year and was trying to hustle, but wasn’t paying the bills. Then the pandemic happened there were no magic shows and fewer weed sales for him.  It was at this point, during the height of the pandemic, that Zabin moved to Portland.

Cannabis Themed Entertainment

Smokus Pocus
Ben Zabin is the founder of Smokus Pocus, a cannabis themed magic show.

Now of course we have seen other cannabis-themed entertainment, anywhere from The Gateway Show to Laganja Estranja and the work she does. However, Smokus Pocus provides an outlet that can be enjoyed by those who are connoisseurs of magic AND those who are connoisseurs of cannabis….and if you are both, well then you are going to be beside yourself with laughter and glee.  

Zabin as always loved producing magic shows for people, and wanted to do the same for cannabis enthusiasts.

When asked about who inspired him to take that extra step, Ben explained, “Seth Rogan has inspired me in that he is definitely somewhat cannabis oriented, but he appeals to a much broader demographic with his acting and comedy. I think that is where the future of entertainment is going, and am trying to do the same thing but with a magic show.”

Smokus Pocus Magic Show Review 

I laughed so hard that my face hurt, and thoroughly enjoyed both the magic itself and the audience members being involved with the tricks! While there is never any cannabis consumption that happens during the show or anywhere onsite, it is pretty fair to assume that the majority of the audience has consumed cannabis at some point before attending. There is something about being in a space where it is ok to giggle like a stoner along with other stoners about stoney themed jokes and tricks, but one of the coolest things is that the show is so enjoyable for everyone, stoned or not, and that everyone will leave with a smile. The cost of the tickets is a bargain for how much you get out of the show, and for what a diverse audience experience you get. Ben has even created a cute line of smoke accessories for purchase, and some hilarious “Hello, I’m Stoned” stickers for anyone who attends to wear if they feel so inclined. I would give the show a solid 10/10 for content, accessibility, and overall great entertainment.

Attend Smokus Pocus

To learn more about Ben Zabin and Smokus Pocus you can check out the website or Instagram, and you can see the list of shows and purchase tickets here.

Ben Zabin Smokus Pocus

Shows will be produced in Portland at least until summer. In the next couple months there will also be shows in Salem, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Kalamazoo, and St. Louis. Beyond that, Ben hopes to begin producing shows in New York, and has a pop-up show happening in Brooklyn in June. It is truly the world’s “dopest” magic show and it’s calling your name!


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