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Smoking Cannabis and Drinking Alcohol Makes You Have Better Orgasms and Sexual Function Says New Medical Study


sex with marijuana and alcohol

Study finds smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol makes you have better orgasms and sexual function


A recent study published in MDPI Open Access Journals found that when young people use alcohol or cannabis, they had “improved sexual function” and better orgasms than those who neither drank nor smoked cannabis. This was an “Observational study” meaning that they were interpreting surveys as opposed to observing people having sex while drunk and high – which would be an insane study if you were to ask me.


Nonetheless, the study explained their process;


An observational study was conducted in 274 participants aged 18–30 years. The following selection tools were used: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, Cannabis Abuse Screening Test (CAST), and Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire Short-Form. Participants who were at high risk of having cannabis-related problems performed better on the CAST concerning sexual function, arousal, and orgasm.


In other words, the found a correlation between being drunk or high and performing better sexually than their non-drinking /smoking peers as noted here;


Participants at high risk had higher arousal and orgasm scores than those who were not at risk for cannabis problems. Improvements in sexual function were found between people who were at high risk of having alcohol problems and those who were not at risk.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that smoking weed or drinking alcohol will make you better in the sack. Far from it, what the paper is eluding to is that people lose their “fear” of engaging with the opposite sex and thereby have higher sexual function.


From an evolutionary perspective, those who engage in these activities have a higher probability of procreation, meaning that overtime the folks who “fight for their right to party” will outbreed the timid sober lot. And that’s how you get “Idiocracy” in real life.


Additionally, while the research might have been incredibly methodical – it’s still based on the collective subjective opinions of a mass of individuals. The majority of them female too and by average females have more sexual partners than men do, while men might have more spontaneous flings that women do.


The point is that sexual drive, influence and so forth can be swayed depending on who you ask and while alcohol might have served to influence their willingness to engage, it certainly doesn’t mean that it increases sexual performance.


Anecdotally speaking however,  being nice and baked and having sex is definitely something you should put on your bucket list.

Before I digress too much, let’s look at the results of the study.


What did the Study find?


To directly quote the research itself;


Regarding sexual function, statistically significant differences (p < 0.05) were observed in both the total score of the questionnaire and the subscales of arousal and orgasm, with a higher mean score in cannabis users compared to nonusers.



In essence, those who smoked cannabis alone had a higher observable improvement in the arousal and orgasm with a higher total function than non-users. Similarly, within the alcohol group, they found that people who partook had higher “sexual function”.


The study concluded;


The aim of this study was to analyse the effects of cannabis and alcohol use on sexual function in young people aged 18 to 30 years. It is well-known that the young population consumes both substances at a higher rate than others; therefore, it is of particular interest to understand the influence of these drugs on sexual activity, especially as the number of infections and sexually transmitted diseases among this population rises. In this context, the findings of this study revealed a higher score in sexual function, as well as arousal and orgasm, in subjects at risk of having cannabis-related problems and risk of addiction associated with alcohol consumption. Several studies have indicated the beneficial effects of using cannabis or alcohol to lessen emotions of anxiety and shame during sexual interactions, attaining physiological and psychoactive effects.


In other words, they attribute the fact that cannabis and alcohol might quiet the inner critic which enables people to engage in these acts of intimacy. As they point out, the reason they looked into this is because the age group of 18-30 has a higher exposure to these substances and as a result could also increase the instances of sex, often unprotected.


In essence, they wish to frame these findings so that there could be changes in sexual education when it comes to using these substances. Inadvertently they said, “If you drink alcohol or smoke weed you’ll fuck better!” or at least that’s how horny teenagers will interpret the data.


What Reginald Concluded?


If you haven’t boned while drunk on a couple of bottles of wine, you don’t know how wild that can get. Similarly, you can go deep when you’re surfing a cannabis edible and making love to your significant other. Drugs such as MDMA and even LSD can increase the perception of the act of sex by a lot.


Of course, when you’re under the influence of these drugs you’re not operating under the same restrictive paradigms your baseline awareness lives under. There’s a reason why they call alcohol “Liquid courage” because you begin to silence that little voice that asks “what if”.


Does this mean that you have to get shitfaced to get laid? Of course not. Alcohol and cannabis can be great assistance in facilitating the process, but if you can’t have sex with your partner sober – then you might need to do some internal reflection.


Nonetheless, to those who have had sex under the influence of these types of narcotics, you know that they can most certainly enhance the experience and even your performance. In fact, one could argue that half of the world’s population was probably procreated under the influence of some sort of narcotic.









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