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Sieved of Bubblegum CBD – CBD Cannabis – JustBob ENG

JustBob presents the Bubblegum Sieved, one of our flagship products highly appreciated by cannabis light lovers. In fact, the results prove it: this genetics was in fact the winner of the past editions of the Cannabis Light Cups in Zurich and Vienna.
It is obtained by sieving the inflorescences of Bubblegum by hand, the result is a product of the highest quality.

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The Overview

When observing a Bubblegum flower, one cannot fail to be enchanted by its colors: the pure white of the trichomes (a consequence of the huge amount of resin produced) is interspersed with numerous pistils of different colors, ranging between various shades of orange.
Features that are also found in this sieve, which contains all the resin, trichomes and leaves of this fantastic flower.


The Aroma

The unique characteristic of the aroma and perfume of Bubblegum have made it an unmistakable product in the panorama of legal grass, in addition to determining its remarkable success. It is in fact a particular and unique perfume, with strong sweet notes reminiscent of summer fruits and which go perfectly with hints of citrus, earth and forest.

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