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School of Pot – Best Degrees to Get Ahead in the Cannabis Industry


Few of us are strangers to how the cannabis industry blew up after legalization. If you aren’t someone who wants to open up your own shop, there are many ways to partake. You might be interested in becoming a real expert with courses and programs available in class and online. Here are some of the best degrees to get ahead in the cannabis industry.

The Best Degrees in the Cannabis Industry

Agricultural and Environmental Studies

You are literally in the field with this degree — being right in the thick of it and learning how to cultivate cannabis. An agricultural and environmental focus will teach complex farming practices, including planting, equipment management, irrigation, growing techniques, sustainability, and more.

Business Administration

For the entrepreneur, the cannabis industry is full of opportunities to grow your own business or manage a cannabis dispensary. A degree in business administration can equip you with a thorough understanding of accounting, business law, and organizational management, setting you up for success.

Entrepreneurship and Cannabis

Cannabis Studies: Biology & Chemistry

There are so many other career paths in the cannabis industry you may not have thought would be connected, such as law and criminal justice, political science, pharmacology, and healthcare. Whatever field sparks your interest, get to know one of the programs online. Jobs in the cannabis field offer a wealth of opportunities. More colleges and universities are starting to offer degree programs for students who want to pursue cannabis careers.

As far as cannabis studies, there are trade-specific schools that you could consider “cannabis colleges.” Such schools focus entirely on preparing students for a job in the industry.

Biology is one of the best science majors to consider when pursuing a career in cannabis. With biology, you’ll have a balanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. This gives you the flexibility to use your degree to get started in a specific path that suits your interests. You could use your biology degree to become a medical marijuana expert, patient consultant, or researcher.

Additionally, chemistry is another broad field of study where you can learn to understand the effects cannabis has on the human body, how the growing environment can affect cannabis plants, the chemistry of medicinal marijuana, and more. Potential careers include extraction technician, product development, or a cannabis science researcher.


Because marketing is so competitive, successful brands need high-quality marketing in the cannabis industry. There is much to learn when it comes to marketing cannabis — and you could enjoy a budding career as a cannabis content creator, cannabis marketing specialist, or brand developer.

Cannabis Job Titles

  1. Content Creator
  2. Marketing Specialist
  3. Brand Developer
  4. Cannabis Grower
  5. Cannabis Farming Technician
  6. Dispensary Manager
  7. Business Manager
  8. Accountant
  9. Lawyer

There can be many other opportunities in teaching, import/export, and the regulatory framework, etc.

Cannabis Education Schools

Some of the best schools out there offering a career in cannabis are available through a good search engine. Some of the top schools to choose from nowadays are:

  1. Oaksterdam University: Founded in 2007, the Oakland, California-based institution is the self-proclaimed “first cannabis college in the US. Most courses are centered around growing and cultivating, offering online and in person classes.
  2. Cannabis Training University: CTU offers a Master of Marijuana Certification, and students receive a remarkable amount of information for the price. CTU is widely respected in the industry, and has more graduates than any other institution.
  3. Clover Leaf University: This university offers an expansive selection of courses and certifications. These include state-specific training programs and workshops, cannabis industry job training, and seminars on growing and cultivation.
  4. Trichome Institute: This institution is certified by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to train and certify people and businesses in the weed industry.
  5. Okanagan College: Located in British Colombia, Okanagan College offers cannabis training courses that provide unique insights into the emerging industry of medicinal and recreational marijuana. 

Finding online or in-person classes is as easy as searching for what colleges or universities offer in your local area. Having some knowledge as far as the industry goes, most employers would prefer “hands-on” experience, but at least taking some courses can give you a feel of whether you think cannabis can be a long-term career for you.
What industry do you think interests you, or do you know of any others? Let us know in the comments!


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