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What you are reading was written purely for your entertainment. It’s about joy, hopefully, some laughter and cannabis, of course. After all, cannabis can be pretty funny sometimes. From getting the giggles to doing something ridiculous, the plant inspires chuckling. Cannabis is like mother nature’s messenger; it reminds us to feel good, be healthy, eat well and laugh.

With that in mind, here’s an attempt at making you laugh, or at least smile. Also, there’s a wordsearch at the end and it’s full of pure adult nonsense. Enjoy.

Smuggling Weed in 800 Watermelon… not joking…

How exactly do you come up with the idea to smuggle weed in a watermelon? How did they get it in one, let alone eight hundred? Even more importantly, how did a police officer ever get the idea to check the inside of a piece of fruit? 

Want more wacky smuggling stories? Click here to read the awkward ways used to smuggle cannabis.

Cannabis Activism

Cannabis activism is very important and really awesome. In many situations, it’s pretty hilarious. 

Spencer Alan Boston was facing charges for cannabis and decided to make a courtroom statement. First addressing the court he said, “We the people deserve better.” Then, he smoked a joint. In January 2021, this legendary cannabis activist passed away in a car accident. But, he left a lasting legacy that will go down in cannabis history and will always be fondly remembered. 

Hot Box Inventions

Smoking a joint will get the job done but sometimes, you crave getting baked with a little more style. Thankfully, cannabis can inspire creativity! People have gotten high in some pretty wacky ways, some more than others. 

Leaf Blower Hotbox

Air Mattress Hotbox

Stoners on the news

When people get baked and end up in front of the camera, it either goes smooth, or its comedy gold. This video is a compilation of stoners on the news.



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