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Republicans Just Pantsed Democrats on Marijuana Legalization


what can democrats do now on marijuana

Just because the Democrats got embarrassed by the Republican bill, it does not mean it is over.


It was a layup.


It was the “biggest no-brainer in the history of the world” as the old mortgage commercial used to say.


The Democrats won the presidency, the House, and tied the Senate with Democratic VP Harris as the tie-breaking vote.

Marijuana legalization was a done deal, President Biden just had to make the announcement that he and his staff were putting together a comprehensive cannabis legalization bill that would work out the kinks in banking, interstate commerce, social equity, and of course, Federal taxation.  The voters all wanted it, 78% of Democrats and 66% of Republicans voters were in favor of some form of Federal marijuana reform, including SAFE BANKING, and fixing the IRS 280E tax code.

Then silence came reigning down on the marijuana fields of America by President Biden and VP Harris. Even with VP Harris a co-sponsor of the SAFE banking act, crickets from the top office at the White House.  How could the Democrats fumble this easy win and victory lap in front of the American people away?  Maybe President Biden, an ardent supporter of the War on Drugs for over 45 years during his political career just couldn’t come to terms with legalizing the Devil’s Lettuce. Maybe it was “why rush”, what are the Republicans going to try and legalize weed???

A young freshman Republican senator from South Carolina just “dropped the mic” on the heads of the gray-haired Democrats. Republican, female senator Mace not only stole marijuana legalization away from the fumbling Democrats, she also introduced a bill that makes lots of common sense on a variety of fronts according to figure heads in the marijuana industry.  She not only introduced a bill to legalize weed, she introduced a damn good one, a one that Democrats should have thought of over a year ago.

Senator Mace has let it be known her interest is also personal as she is a rape victim who used cannabis as a healing tool through the traumatic recovery journey.

Game, set, match, Republicans?


What Can the Democrats Do Now?


Here is a list of smart, competent things the Democrats should do now that the Republicans are about to steal their victory lap for cannabis legalization.

One, don’t attack the sponsor of the bill. A freshman, female senator introducing a common-sense bill for legalization with a personal history backing the idea is about an untouchable as you can get, regardless of what side of the isle you reside on.

Two, acknowledge the bill for being smart and prudent, say it covers a lot of areas that you missed, but you would like to merge it in with the current COA bill presented by Senator Schumer of NY, and also the Safe Banking Act, co-sponsored by VP Harris and Senator Booker.  The nation will have one law and structure that legalizes cannabis at the Federal level, if is 80% from Senator Maces’ bill and 20% from the Democrats, it won’t matter in the end, just get on board and pitch it as a “Bipartisan agreement” as hard as you can in the news clips and press releases because in the end, it will be a bipartisan agreement.

Three, “spin city” says that you say that you were waiting for the Republicans to introduce a cannabis legalization bill, it was all part of your plan.  Now, a majority of Republican senators can’t back out of their own party’s bill.  Say you knew that Senator Schumer’s bill was not going to pass Republican mustard, so you were waiting for a Republican marijuana bill to be introduced, and this played right into your hands in order to get marijuana legalization passed. Now, in reality, this is a farce since the President, House, and Senate are technically Democratic and that combo could have legalized marijuana in some form within 6 months of taking control of the White House, but alas, this is political spin city, so do your best.

22 Republican governors are the head of states with legal marijuana programs, and they are up for election in the next 24 months. Voter approval for medical marijuana is off the charts on both sides of the isle, it is a no-brainer to at least get medical marijuana federally legal, fix banking issues, and fix the tax code. Recreational marijuana is a bit more contentious with conservates and Republican’s, but voters want it to, so give the people what they want, and you get re-elected.

The Democrats fumbled the easiest slam dunk in their most recent 25 years of power, and a smart and tactical move by the Republicans to run end-around and still their marijuana legalization glory.  But it is not over and the signatures are no any legalization law yet, it is not too late for the Democrats to join the “Macee’s Day Parade” coming down Marijuana Avenue and at least save face as the party that legalized marijuana during a Democratic executive branch.

Just as Germany serviced notice to Europe by introducing recreational marijuana legalization, the Republicans have served notice to the Democrats on marijuana reform.

Your move, Nancy and Chuck






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