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Redecan – Charlotte CBD | The Strain Review

This is Chartlotte CBD, by Redecan. This is Redecan’s full CBD strain that has THC level of 0.66% and 15.8% CBD. Our flower was packaged December 19, 2019.
This is Redecan’s fully CBD strain that has little to no THC. Charlotte CBD is a very fresh tasting flower that works very well when both smoking and vaporizing. We experience an enjoyable calm when consuming this flower. We felt the effects immediately and it started to wear off after 2 hours. We did experience a very mild head buzz when smoking this flower in a joint. When the strain wore off, our body felt relaxed and we didn’t mind taking some more. Our female testers have also experienced great benefits with cramps and migraines. For the overall quality, price and taste of this flower it would be a great option for pain relief or introducing someone into the world of cannabis. Enjoy.

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