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Premium CBD Flower Review (Live Free)

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Live Free CBD Website:

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I don’t condone smoking weed or anything else. I enjoy to smoke cannabis/hemp but that doesn’t mean that YOU have to as well. It may not be for you and you could also get in trouble legally depending where you live.
“Just because your favorite YouTuber does it, doesn’t mean YOU should.”

CBD doesn’t get you high but it definitely gives you a chill vibe. I personally smoke CBD to take the edge off my ADHD/anxiety/depression symptoms. Smoking doesn’t take my problems away but it does help me deal with them better. I am aware that there isn’t a magic product that can make all my pain disappear, but there are definitely great products that can help you combat your suffering day to day.

I stumbled upon the Live Free CBD store randomly and bought some Northern Lights Lyfter CBD. There are so many ways to consume the CBD flower, such as Oil drops, Edibles, Pills, etc. Personally, I prefer to roll joints. Smoking CBD with the Vibes papers delivers a consistently great smoke every time for me, and we are keeping it organic since I am using natural rice & hemp papers.

I scrolled through Live Free CBD’s website and they have such a large selection of products from Hemp Flowers and oils, to Delta 8-THC edibles and cartridges.
I can’t cover all the products they have in one description, but I will definitely be covering more of their products on this channel in the future. I can’t wait to try more of their stuff!

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