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Pot Smoking Moms Valentines Season 11 Premier

What happens when we decide to go totally live with you guys on a Wednesday night? Technical difficulties which we power through! I say it gives us character.
Pardon the audio for this one, it is real rough at the beginning then gets less rough…its part of the growing pains.
We talk about a recent podcast we went on where Afroman was the other guest, and fun was had on the Minds Wide Open podcast as well as the Cannadelic expo we attended. We talk about Rhi Rhi at the superbowl and relationships that were broken because of a Tubi commercial. Dee shares her mouse in the house story and J shares with us how to keep things fresh and romantic in your relationship with the 2-2-2 rule.
For News Nugs a new survey shows we are gifting more weed on Valentines day than ever. A Robot shares his love for weed as we had Chat Gpt generate some Weed Love Poems. St Johns County in Jacksonville stinks as marijuana farms take up more space, and in Florida; Trulieve continues to pour money into a petition that would pretty much monopolize recreational Cannabis.
We play your favorite game ‘Smoke Screen’ with romantic comedies you suggested to us on IG. (that portion works best on our YouTube video)


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