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Planet of the Grapes Autos Day 49 | Ethos Genetics | Growing #autoflowers in 3×3 #growtent

full list of grow equipment

2x4x6 grow tent suggested for beginners $110

Lights-LED 2×4 space 200 true watts $200-250
Grow Light Science Grow 320 $395

4×4 600 true watts $600-$800
Grow Light Science Pro Grow 640 $725

Seeds or clones: $50 and up

Soil(media)-all ready fertilized potting mix (fox farm ocean forest and happy frog) $18
or mix your own
1:1:1 ratio:
This means that there are 3 main components at 1 part each.
Example: To make 15 gallons of soil. 1 Part would be 5 gallons.

1/3 Peat moss
1/3 rice hulls and/or pumice
1/3 compost and /or worm castings

1/2 Cup per cubic foot the following:
1 cubic foot = 7.5 gallons of soil
* Neem Meal (NPK, Micro Nutrients and reported Bug Defense all in one)

* Kelp Meal (NPK, Micro Nutrients, Growth Hormones and many other benefits)

* Crustacean Meal (Crab and/or Shrimp Meal) (Calcium, Nitrogen and Chitin along with other benefits)

4 Cups per cubic foot of a mineral mix:

2 Cup Basalt or Granite dust (Paramagnetic Rock Dust from lava flow that is high in micronutrients)
1 Cup Gypsum (Calcium and Sulfur)
1 Cup Oyster Shell Flour (Calcium Carbonate)

Pots-starter(solo cup),1 gal and 7 or 10 gal fabric or plastic

Pot elevators and 14-17 inch saucers

In-line fan and carbon filter- filters clean air to prevent smell when blowing air out of tent (2×4 4 inch fan and filter $125) (4×4 6 inch fan and filter $160)

Nutrients- macro: approximate 4-9-3 NPK dry fertilizer $15 for 4-5 lbs (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), micro (compost and worm casting)

Lyons Mix Hand blend of premium ingredients
Alfalfa meal , Kelp meal, Neem meal, Crab meal, Fish meal, Fish bone meal, Rock phosphate, Gypsum, Oyster shell, Langbeinite, Insect Frass and Rock dust (granite or basalt)

All equal parts except for fish bone meal is 3 to 1

Fans-6 inch clip fans (1 fan for 2×4 space and 2 fans for 4×4 space) $10 each

Pest management-Sticky fly traps $4-6 also Diatomaceous Earth $10
foliar sprays (neem oil w/wetting agent) only in veg

Hygrometer-temperature and humidity meter $10

Timer: $10
Dehumidifier and or humidifier- keep humidity stable. $40-120
Veg temp 74-78, humidity 55-65%
flower temp 72-77, 45-55% humidity
Dry temp 60-65, 60% humidity for 10-14 days

2L watering can $5
Buckets $4
Tote containers-store soil $10
Trimmers-trim buds and Pruning shears-cut down plant $1 dollar tree during gardening season
2 L mason jars
Ziplock bags

Optional equipment:
Bowl trimmer $120
Chapin sprayer $15-20
Water pump and air stones-dechlorinate water $20
ph meter-check water pH best between 6 and 7 $50
ec/ppm meter $50-150

Perpetual grow set up:
Seedlings and/or clones space
2x4x5 tent with cheap fluorescent light fixture with led replacement bulbs or low wattage led lights 25-100w

Veg space
2x4x6 tent with 200w led light set up

Flower space
4x4x6 tent with 600w led light set up

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