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Pie Hoe Cannabis Strain Information and Review 2022


Colorado is known for amazing landscapes of natural beauty, incredible wildlife of all shapes and sizes, and being weed-friendly. 

Sativa/Indica Indoor yield Outdoor yield Flowering period
40% / 60% 1 oz/ft² 15 oz/plant 6-8 weeks

Some of the best weed strains come from this state, with Cannarado Genetics being one of the forerunners of new strains quickly gaining popularity. 

Its Pie Hoe strain, despite a somewhat questionable name, is one of those popular new strains. 

Pie Hoe Cannabis Strain Information

The name Pie Hoe strain makes a lot more sense once you know where this strain came from. 

Spawned from the merging of Grape Pie and Tahoe OG strains, this indica dominant hybrid weighs in with a 60% indica to 40% sativa and boasts an average THC count of around 26%.

Pie Hoe weed strain, thanks to its dank aroma and potent effects, has become quite popular among those looking to cannabis as a means to ease discomfort and ailments such as stress and anxiety. 

Yet, despite its popularity, not very much is known about this strain, especially relating to its growing habits and yields. 

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Information about Pie Hoe Strain:

Origin Grape Pie, Tahoe OG
Plant type 60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC Up to 26%
CBD < 1%
Effects Happiness
Fragrance Berry
Flavors Nut
Adverse Reaction Dry mouth, thirst, munchies, paranoia, heavy sedation
Flowering Time 6 – 8 weeks
Yield 1 oz/ft² (indoor), 15 oz/plant (outdoor)

Pie Hoe Strain Effects

Pie Hoe strain has quickly gained popularity for its fast-acting effects and mentally elevating highs. 

Some refer to the Pie Hoe strain’s effects as uplifting, blissful, and even intense. 

This get-up-and-go strain can inspire or motivate, making it a great daytime strain and a favorite choice amongst creatives like artists and musicians. 

Once you light it up, the effects come on hard and fast, lifting you into euphoria and serenity. 

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Many have reported feeling almost immediate happiness, giggles, and even slight arousal, followed by a slow and subtle wave of calm descending upon them. 

This strain is great for daytime or late afternoon smokes after a long day, easing you into relaxation and borderline sedation. 

Pie Hoe weed strain is also popular for those facing trauma, stress, depression, and insomnia. 

Some use it to get over sour stomachs or develop a healthy appetite

Others have mentioned that The Pie Hoe strain helps their persistent pain and calms minor inflammation. 

Pie Hoe strain fragrance 
Pie Hoe strain fragrance 

Pie Hoe strain fragrance 

One thing is for certain, and that is that Pie Hoe strain is dank indeed. 

It has an intense fragrance that is evident from the moment you crack the packaging, and keeping it low-key may be trickier than expected, so be sure to double-bag it if you have to. 

Pie Hoe weed’s scent is a wondrous combination of berries and fruit with hints of earthy spice. 

Add an unmistakable fuel undertone that carries through from fragrance to flavor, and it’s clear why this strain is a fan favorite. 

A comparable taste to grape Koolaid takes after the Grape Pie side of the family.  

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Pie Hoe strain flavors

Much of Pie Hoe weed strain’s flavor is presented in its fragrance, serving up a delicious concoction of nuts, berries, and fruit, accentuated with spicy herbal accents. 

The diesel fragrance is just as evident in the flavor.

It makes itself known especially on the exhale, leaving you with a delicious taste to usher in the fast-acting high that accompanies this awesome strain. 

Adverse reactions

A common consensus among Pie Hoe strain reviews, other than praise for its flavor and effects, is that this strain is undeniably potent and should not be consumed carelessly. 

Packing a THC level in the mid-20 percentage, and sometimes as high as 30%, this strain is not to be played with, especially for those new to cannabis. 

Consumers have reported dry mouth, thirst, munchies, paranoia, or heavy sedation in more serious cases, so enjoy responsibly. 

Growing Pie Hoe strain 
Growing Pie Hoe strain 

Growing Pie Hoe strain 

There’s not much info online for growing, but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some Pie Hoe strain seeds or clones, do some research before you start germinating.

It can be grown indoors or outdoors.

As a hybrid strain, expect a plant that is highly forgiving to growers’ mistakes. Hybrid strains tend to be hardier and less finicky when it comes to growing. 

With indica dominant genetics, you can expect short, bushy trees with dark green foliage and broad leaves. 

Dense purple-tinged buds are coated in tiny amber trichomes and hundreds of thick orange hairs that crawl along the surface of these sticky nugs. 

Pie Hoe Flowering
Pie Hoe Flowering


Thanks to Pie Hoe strains indica genetics, you can expect it to flower in six to eight weeks

Provided with the correct care and attention, you can also expect a relatively rewarding yield.

Exact yields are unknown, but compared with other indica hybrid strains, you can expect as much at 15 oz/plant outdoors vs around 1 oz/ft² for indoor grows.

FAQs about Pie Hoe strain 

How does Pie Hoe differ from Grape Pie Hoe?

Grape Pie Hoe and Pie Hoe are just different names of the same strain. Pie Hoe strain gets its name by combining the names of its predecessors: Grape Pie and Tahoe OG strains.

What is the Pie Face strain?  

Pie Face strain, with no relation to Pie Hoe strain, is a cross of Cherry pie strain and Face Off OG. The only similarity that Pie Face and Pie Hoe strains share is that they are both Indica dominant hybrids, with a 60% indica to 40% Sativa ratio. 

Is Pie Hoe strain indica or sativa? 

Pie Hoe strain is neither an indica nor a sativa.  instead, it’s an indica dominant hybrid strain, just tilting the scales with a 60% indica to 40% sativa ratio.


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