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Pharmacist Crash Course: CBD vs. Marijuana

Is CBD marijuana? When some people hear “CBD,” they immediately think of marijuana. While there is a connection, it’s not as close as one might think. In this episode of Pharmacist Crash Course we look at what pharmacists need to know about marijuana and CBD oil in pharmacies We answer the big question: Does CBD get you high? We also discuss the differences between CBD vs. marijuana, how people are using medicinal CBD to treat themselves, health conditions for which it has shown efficacy, and more.

SingleCare’s Pharmacist Crash Course is a minute-long, helpful explanation of a pressing topic affecting pharmacists and pharmacy teams. Get a fast, thorough understanding of common questions, issues and trends affecting your work as a pharmacist. This 10-part series covers topics like serotonin syndrome, CBD health benefits, self-care for pharmacists, common errors behind the counter, and more.

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