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Organic Lime M'jito by Simply Bare One Hitter Weed Review

Organic Lime M’jito by Simply Bare One-Hitter Weed Review

Hey, Y’all!!! Today, I am excited to dive into what is hopefully a sharp but refreshing experience to match the name of this Simply Bare Organic Genetic. I really enjoyed the quality that Simply Bare has to offer, with some new and unique genetics bringing in a Certified Organic Growing facility. I am always pleased with the high that the Organically grown bud provides, a nice and smooth build-up to a really potent and strong peak high.

YouTube Chapters:

00:00 Intro/Welcome
02:06 Herbage Scale Breakdown
04:35 Lime M’Jito by Simply Bare Organic
06:10 Herbage Scale
06:30 Look & Aroma
08:10 L&A Bud Shots
11:39 Taste From a Vape
19:18 Taste From a Bong
26:08 Taste From a Pipe
27:12 Taste from a Joint
29:17 High
30:54 Overall
31:40 End Card/Ending Thoughts


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