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What is New York’s legal take on cannabis regulations? Every day the state gets closer to the legalization of cannabis. The state’s Cannabis Control Board has recently announced some new rules for soon-to-be cannabis retailers

New York’s legal take includes allowing TV ads, but they can’t target minors. Likewise, packaging can’t display cartoon characters. Celebrities can’t endorse the product, you can’t get a free toy with purchase, and you can’t use the terms “stoner,” “chronic,” “weed,” or “pot.”

New York’s licensed cannabis retailers also can’t claim any therapeutic or health benefits. Words like “organic” and “craft” are verboten. Retailers can’t promote overconsumption or provide discounts.

Sellers will be at least able to promote their products on TV, radio, and social media just like beer and liquor companies do.

Cannabis retailers will be able to sponsor charities or sporting events, provided its geared toward adults. 

Billboards are allowed but prohibited from being within 500 feet of schools, recreation centres, playgrounds, daycares, public parks, or libraries. 

New York's Legal Take on warning labels

New York’s legal take is that each cannabis flower, edibles, or concentrates package will have a warning label. A red circle with 21+, the New York State logo, and a yellow cannabis flower in a triangle to indicate the product has THC.

Another warning label will read: “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.”

The labelling reminds customers they must be 21 years or older to consume the product. As well, pregnant women shouldn’t be using the product.

Like Canada’s regime of rotating warning labels, not every package will have the same propaganda. One box might warn breastfeeding women, the other that “Cannabis may cause impairment and may be habit-forming.” Or that smoking or vaping could be hazardous to your health.

Labels also must include serving size, potency, ingredients, and storage instructions.

New York State announced last spring that they were legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Neighbouring states like New Jersey and Massachusetts have already made cannabis legal.

Since assuming office, Governor Kathy Hochul has issued licenses to farmers to grow cannabis. She also announced that residents with convicted cannabis offences would get first dibs on the retail licenses.

New York’s legal take on cannabis certainly is different from other jurisdictions. 

Expect State bureaucrats to finish the approval process by the fall, likely making cannabis available for the 2022 Christmas season.


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