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New Jersey, Curaleaf is your home for 420


See the best products available at Curaleaf to celebrate the season.

Curaleaf is on a mission to make sure everyone who walks into one of their dispensary locations feels at home. No matter your confidence level with cannabis—whether you know exactly the products you want or are coming in curious, just starting your journey with this ancient plant—Curaleaf can connect you with what works for you, with you.

420 is a perfect time to celebrate all the ways cannabis can have a positive impact on our lives. Looking for a tincture to ease the pain or a flower to make the day brighter? Curaleaf is here to help. Read on to see product highlights available at Curaleaf so you can shop & set the stage for the best 420 yet.

Curaleaf flower

Providing patients with quality cannabis to support their health and wellness has been at the center of what Curaleaf does for the last decade. They’ve learned a thing or two about cultivating high-quality flower along the way, and the hand-grown, premium strains available are proof. Fresh-cured and rich in plant terpenes, flower from Curaleaf provides wholesome goodness from happy plants.

Select Bites

New Jersey Curaleaf
Courtesy of Curaleaf

Select Bites infuse award-winning cannabis oil into highly calibrated, expertly formulated, all-around delicious gummy bites. These next-level edibles combine strain-inspired terpene formulations and all-natural flavors for a result that’s equal parts tasty and effective. Find Select Bites in Blueberry indica, Strawberry Peach hybrid, and Passionfruit sativa.

Curaleaf vapes

Designed with on-the-go friendliness in mind, vape cartridges from Curaleaf provide a convenient way to enjoy high-quality cannabis distillate anywhere life takes you. Each cartridge contains concentrated cannabis oil and botanically derived terpenes crafted with attention to precise batch consistency so you can expect a replicable experience from one cartridge to the next. The high-potency distillate is heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation, designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs.

Select Squeeze

New Jersey Curaleaf
Courtesy of Curaleaf

Select Squeeze gives you the power to turn any drink into a cannabis-infused beverage. Made with smart food tech to provide a totally unique experience, Select Squeeze is designed using nanotechnology where THC is delivered by way of tiny water-soluble particles to provide a fast 15-30 minute onset time. Plus, the water-soluble formula disperses instantly into any beverage you choose. With a gentle squeeze, the pocket-sized self-measuring bottle offers a precise serving every time, thanks to its 5mg easy-dose reservoir (one squeeze and release = 1ML). Remember to start low and go slow when consuming edibles so you can comfortably find the dosage that works best for you. 

With locations in Bellmawr, Edgewater Park, and Bordentown, it’s easy to find 420 your way at Curaleaf. Select the location nearest you and get ready to make yourself at home.

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