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NBA all-star Allen Iverson’s new flower ‘Iverson ’01’ reviewed


Find out what makes this strain so good that it sold out when it premiered.

Something in Michigan is making waves, but it’s not the state’s namesake lake. It’s the Detroit-cultivated Iverson ’01 – NBA All-star Allen Iverson’s newest Michigan strain release with Viola.

Allen Iverson and Al Harrington
NBA stars Allen Iverson and Al Harrington at the release of Iverson ’01 in Michigan. (Image courtesy of Viola)

This indica-dominant hybrid ’01 was Michigan’s hottest strain spring strain release, and flew off the shelves as Al Harrington and Allen Iverson themselves visited Michigan dispensaries to meet fans and celebrate. Leafly was able to try the strain and we’re ready to let the world in on a little secret—you need to get it ASAP.

The strain sold-out in Michigan on its first run last month, but after you read all about it, we’ll tell you which dispensaries in Michigan have this must-smoke strain starting this week.

The Iverson ’01 experience

Viola Iverson '01 cannabis nugs and packaging
(Courtesy of Viola)

Strain name: Iverson ’01

Genetics: F1 Durban x Gushers x Runtz

Aroma and taste: pine, orange, hops, floral notes

Effects: euphoria and a balanced head and body high

Viola’s signature purple packaging reveals 6-10 well-trimmed nugs of the Iverson ’01 which hit the nose with a lovely flowery start. But if you continue to inhale the flower in the bag (like everyone should consider doing to experience joy,) you’ll notice that the smell of the outdoors doesn’t just come from floral and citrus notes that smell like spring – but piney ones that remind you of the forest too.

The earthy undertones automatically made me think that this strain would help me feel grounded, and maybe this was a high thought, but the strain even smelled a little “hoppy.” Hops. Iverson. Basketball. Sports. Get it?

One of the best parts of the expanding hybrid class of strains in 2022—cultivators can dial into the effects that they are really looking to deliver. We’ve noticed that Iverson is paying attention to this—both with the Iverson ’01 this year, and last year’s Iverson ’96. It’s a strong trait to build a brand on and we love to see it.


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While the nugs are as purple as the packaging, the Detroit cultivation team nailed their job of creating a strain that keeps the mind and body relaxed without encouraging sleep.

And as a matter of fact, I even used this strain to tame some late morning anxiety one day when I needed to balance out having had too much caffeine.

Now, do please be warned. Taking more than a couple hits of this strain may result in your eyelids hovering lower with that familiar feeling of a good indica-hybrid smoke. But it’s definitely a fair trade-off for the loosening of too-tight muscles and the reassuring feeling that no matter what happens—at least you got to enjoy some good-ass weed that leaves your fingers smelling like bliss just from opening the bag.

Where to buy Iverson ’01 in Michigan

Iverson '01 nugs
(Courtesy of Viola)

Michigan cannabis enthusiasts ready to try Iverson ’01 should check with the following Michigan dispensaries on their hunt to find this strain:

  • 3Fifteen
  • Curaleaf
  • Cannavista
  • Puff Cannabis
  • Pure Options
  • Skymint
  • Liv Cannabis
  • The New Standard
  • Five & Dime

Though it was cultivated in Detroit, we have it on good authority that Iverson ’01 will be available well into and past summer 2022 all over the state.

That’s fantastic news for Michiganites ready to match a satisfying strain with their plans to decompress after work, prepare to go out, or just find a chill moment in the middle of a hectic day. (What is time, anyways?)


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Leafly salutes the Viola team for bringing this strain to Michigan and the Midwest, where there are many loyal fans who wish nothing but the best for A.I. and cannot wait to smoke just like one of their favorite celebrities of all time.

Allen Iverson smiling at a fan
(Courtesy of Viola)

Viola just keeps delivering on the tasty purp with their Iverson collabs. Enjoy Michigan! And don’t forget to leave your own strain reviews of the Iverson ’01 on Leafly.

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