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Must-Visit Cannabis Consumption Lounges and More To Watch For

Pot-friendly culture is starting to become the norm as more individuals educate themselves on cannabis and its properties, along with the benefits that come from CBD. Consumers could choose to enjoy their tokes in the comfort of their own homes, but after a two-year pandemic, we all want to get out of the house and socialize! That is where cannabis consumption lounges come in. Because cannabis consumption lounges are private-owned safe spaces where cannabis consumers can go to legally light up, they are popping up everywhere and with happy customers.

Think of cannabis lounges as bars or cafes that serve the same socializing aspect, but instead of alcohol the experience offers the consumption of cannabis and cannabis products. Most cannabis legalized cities in the United States now have plans to introduce these cannabis lounges in strategic locations.

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States Currently Licensed for Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Currently, only 17 states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, and just seven of these states approve the consumption of cannabis in public spaces. Thankfully, states are starting to see the need for consumption lounges as momentum increases in the cannabis industry.


Consumption lounges have been legal in California for a couple of years and are home to some of the most infamous attractions around. So far, San Francisco is the leading city with at least seven cannabis lounges in the city. California consumption lounges were not permitted to sell food or drinks, but recently Los Angeles opened its doors to its first sanctioned legal cannabis café. With a dab bar and fresh food, it serves as both a restaurant and café. The Lowell Café, in West Hollywood, has a weed lounge, where you can order cannabis with a meal, and a dab bar for more experienced consumers. Additionally, the establishment has a “flower house” which is designed to help consumers find the right product for their needs.


Being one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis, Colorado has been developing its cannabis tourism industry for some time now and you can now find a cannabis lounge in several such lounges around the Denver area.


Nevada lounges are expected to begin opening in the first half of 2022. The lounges are sure to quickly grow throughout the Vegas and Reno areas. They will most likely be able to serve food, drinks, and entertainment. Las Vegas is also preparing to introduce a cannabis consumption hotel. Check out our article on it for more details.


Like the state’s laws for liquor licenses — consuming cannabis is left up to the local governments and allows for consumption lounge licenses or public spaces where you’re allowed to get high. Last month, Hot Box Social in Michigan became the state’s first officially licensed cannabis consumption lounge.

The Future of Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Though only a handful of states have legalized consumption lounges. Many more states are expected to add the lounges in the coming years. A new legal recreational state to join the list of allowing consumption lounges is New York. Cannabis lounges or cannabis consumption sites are to pop up in New York in the next few years.

Similar to other states, Pennsylvania’s recent recreational legalization also allows for the opening of consumption lounges. They can be independent, or owned by and attached to dispensaries but cannot actually sell cannabis themselves. It’s more of a bring your own supply idea for now.

For the time being, New Jersey does not allow its cannabis lounges to offer customers food. It’s strictly a cannabis experience. In New Jersey there are currently no open consumption lounges. But the lounges are expected to begin operating in 2022.

Just like bars and lounges that provide alcohol, and food, along with entertainment and socializing. Cannabis consumption lounges are following the trend that allows the cannabis community to be able to get together outside of their homes. Don’t be surprised to see more and more popping up as the popularity continues.

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