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More than a t-break: The benefits of a yearly THC detox


How PassYourTest can aid your annual abstaining.

We here at Leafly pride ourselves on being the most passionate advocates for cannabis around, but even our most-dedicated daily dabbers can agree that sometimes it’s good to take a break. Pausing your cannabis consumption for a few weeks can have numerous benefits that make the time spent sober worth it, even if the idea of giving up your favorite plant can be a daunting prospect. Making the effort to take a break is a popular New Year’s resolution, but no matter the time of year you decide to abstain, an annual THC detox can leave you feeling your best and renew your appreciation for cannabis upon your triumphant return. 

To help make your time away from weed as smooth & successful as possible, we’ve partnered with our friends at to provide a guide to the upsides of abstaining from cannabis for a stretch of time, and how PassYourTest’s array of detox aids can help you on your journey to lowered tolerance and refreshed enjoyment.

We’ve previously teamed up with PassYourTest to bring you our ultimate drug test guide to help you land a job, but their all-natural products are good for much more than keeping you employed. PassYourTest detox kits aid in the body’s natural detoxification process, amplifying and hastening some of the benefits of your yearly THC detox. 

Before we explain the benefits of taking a breather from cannabis, let’s dig into the science of tolerance and why a periodic break from THC can be advisable.

What is tolerance, anyway?

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Unlike what certain anti-weed propaganda might have tried to scare you with, cannabis doesn’t pop your brain cells to give you a high feeling like amphetamines, nor does it break down the intercell connections in the brain like alcohol.

Instead, cannabis operates on your CB1 receptors, which are generally responsible for your body’s homeostatic regulation. Taking a large dose of THC overloads your CB1 receptors to deliver that “stoney” feeling, overwhelming them and leading to the feelings of euphoria or relaxation we know and love.


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Like any part of your body that sees a lot of use, eventually, these CB1 receptors get tired and lose their sensitivity to THC. This means you’ll need to consume more cannabis to get to your desired level of intoxication, with all the knock-on effects to your bank account that implies.

The good news is that this desensitization isn’t permanent by a long shot. CB1 receptors are a bit like Rocky—even after some powerful punches, they can always get back up again.

Studies show that even daily consumers of cannabis report much lower tolerance following just a few weeks of abstaining from the plant, with no apparent permanent long-term damage to these receptors. It’s important to note that there’s plenty more for us to learn when it comes to understanding the science of cannabis, but current signs say that a t-break of just a few weeks will get your tolerance back to a lower level.

Other benefits of a detox

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While the idea of taking a break from cannabis so you can enjoy it even harder might be enough for you, there are a few other perks to undertaking a brief pause in your consumption habits.


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If you prefer to inhale your cannabis by smoking or vaping instead of eating or drinking your weed, taking a break from your preferred consumption method can have benefits to your overall health and wellness. While fewer studies have been performed on vaping than smoking, doctors agree that inhaling anything foreign is not going to be good for you. Luckily, taking a break for a few weeks to detox may give your body a chance to recover. 

You’ll start to notice another benefit to your temporary THC sobriety when you fall asleep. Many frequent cannabis consumers report vastly increased dream activity after abstaining for a few days. These dreams occur with increased frequency and seem to be much more vibrant and engaging than those that happen when the subject returns to cannabis consumption. This correlates with an increased amount of restful REM sleep, meaning you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed. So, tuck yourself in and enjoy the show!

How PassYourTest can help

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While PassYourTest made its name helping cannabis consumers quickly detox in order to pass drug tests with flying colors, there are plenty of reasons to look to their suite of detox kits outside of when your future employment is on the line.

The all-natural ingredients in PassYourTest products can help amplify and hasten the body’s regular detoxification processes, meaning that a detox kit might help kick your detox into a higher gear. Removing any excess THC from your system can allow your CB1 receptors to regenerate more quickly and purging stored THC from fat cells may assist heavy consumers in recovering active dreaming. 


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PassYourTest has two great options for aiding in your period of THC abstinence. The 5-Day Extreme Detoxification Program is perfect for moderate consumers who make consistent use of cannabis or hemp products, while the 10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program is for heavy, daily cannabis consumers and anyone who weighs over 200 lbs. Both kits include a pre-cleanse formula, a daily herbal capsule, and a handy guide to effective detox meal planning for an affordable price. These kits will assist in the natural cleansing processes at work in your body, helping to lower your tolerance and refresh your overall wellness.

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If you’re looking to give your tolerance and wallet a break, are undertaking a New Year’s resolution, or just looking to reset your relationship with cannabis, it’s a great idea to occasionally hit the pause button on your cannabis consumption, and PassYourTest is the ideal partner for your journey.

Picking up any of their hardworking detoxification products can augment your cleanse, making it more than just a temporary t-break. Try it yourself today, because the sooner you finish your THC cleanse, the sooner you can triumphantly return to cannabis. 

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Image courtesy of PassYourTest. offers reliable detox kits, as well as same-day cleansing shots. An industry leader since 2000, their products are guaranteed to work or your money back. You can check out user testimonials, read FAQs, and read all about the science of detoxication on their website.


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