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More about CBD – A review on Suncliff CBD Lotions & Gummies #CBD

Dive Deep – More about CBD – A review on Suncliff CBD Lotions & Gummies #CBD

Suncliff CBD is one of many brands we offer and plan to offer. This is our first of many CBD related videos.

We will cover Tinctures – Edibles – Topical’s and what products we have encountered that are actually good quality CBD

Our purpose is to educate the consumer on CBD products and which ones are legit products and not fake.

About Suncliff CBD+:
-They operate out of Tacoma, WA
-They have their own hemp farm (what we were told, we hope to visiti some day soon)
-They have 2 product lines – Gummies & Lotions
-The Gummies have 6 different flavors
-The Lotions have 4 different scents

Get to the Point:

-Show me the packaging – 02:40
-Tell me about CBD – 14:10
-Give me your opinion already – 20:45

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