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Mojito Strain Information and Review – ILGM


Mixing alcohol with marijuana is not a good idea, since you may experience some undesirable effects. Even the most seasoned stoner may find themselves less than well. But, thanks to Cornbread Ricky and Krome, we now have a strain that embodies the taste of the ultimate refreshing cocktail without the woozy risks. 

Sativa/Indica Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
75%/25% 1-2 oz/ft2 2-3 oz per plant 9 weeks (Indoors) and 8-10 (Outdoors)

The masterminds at Swamp Boys Seeds paired dream team Orange Blossom Trail and Limegerian to bring us the aptly named Mojito weed strain, and it’s beyond impressive.

So what gives this strain its boozy flavor profile? Part of the credit goes to its noteworthy parents, while the rest are the terpenes

Review: Mojito Weed Strain

The dominant terpene, terpinolene, offers a sweet, fruity taste, while subsequent terpenes myrcene, and pinene bring notes of earthy musk and sharp pine.

These elements bring us the great taste that makes Mojito so alluring, but that’s not all. In this Mojito weed strain review, you’ll also learn about the role these terpenes play in benefits and effects.

This hybrid, also known as Mojito #1, has done its parents proud with an average THC level of 22% to 24%. Though it is more than 75% sativa, the indica genes hold steady to deliver a high that hits all the right spots. 

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Mojito Strain Information

ORIGIN Orange Blossom Trail, Limegerian
EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Sweet orange, tart lemon, and crisp earth
FLAVORS Chocolate, fresh citrus, spearmint, and subtle earth
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes, cottonmouth, extreme hunger and thirst
THC CONTENT % 22%-24%
INDICA / SATIVA % 25%/75%
INDOOR YIELD 1-2 oz/ft2
OUTDOOR YIELD 2-3 oz per plant

Mojito Strain Effects

First, you’ll experience a cerebral euphoria, followed by an intense physical tingling. A sense of calm washes over your mind and body, but you won’t switch off.

Instead, you’ll have a steady focus that allows you to zone in without getting lost. This is thanks to the pinene terpene, which increases alertness and improves memory function.

If you’re looking to get creative, now is the time.

Whether you’re spending time alone or with others, Mojito is the perfect companion. Users have reported feeling talkative, giggly, and social.

You won’t want to hit the clubs, but a chill hang with friends will go down well. In a more intimate setting, Mojito is an aphrodisiac.

Sure to get your blood pumping and raise your levels of arousal, this is a strain you and your partner can enjoy together (wink, wink).

The terpinolene coupled with the myrcene amplifies its relaxing effects, offering relief from anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as chronic pain, inflammation, and migraines.

It also helps combat fatigue. On its own, terpinolene is sedating but acts as a stimulant when coupled with THC.

Add in the alertness from pinene and relaxation of myrcene, and you’ve got yourself a balanced high.

Mojito strain Fragrance
Mojito Fragrance

Mojito Fragrance

Smelling the Mojito cannabis strain is like lounging on a yacht, cocktail in hand, cruising along the ocean. As the waves crash and fall, the ocean mist settles around you, revitalizing your senses. In much the same way, the combination of sweet orange, tart lemon, and crisp earth is both relaxing and invigorating. On the burn, scents of chocolate, herb, and florals play supporting roles to the burst of citrus that engulfs the room.

Mojito Flavors

You have a pitcher of mojito. Orange glaze adorns the rim, while a layer of dark chocolate truffles marinates at the bottom.

As you pour yourself a drink, the mojito flows from pitcher to glass, taking the orange glaze with it. The truffles stay behind, but upon taking your first sip, the bitterness of the chocolate is unmistakable.

The Mojito weed strain embodies this experience, delivering fresh citrus, spearmint, and subtle earth with each inhale.

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Mojito Adverse Reactions

While some users say the Mojito strain is great for anxiety and mood swings, some said it makes them feel anxious and concerned.

If you’re trying this one for the first time, and are worried about experiencing adverse reactions, keep the amount you consume low and invite a trusted friend to join you.

It’s also important to note that myrcene is the terpene that generally gives strains the power to turn you from a functioning human being to a mindless sloth.

Although myrcene is not the dominant terpene in Mojito, these effects can still show up, especially if you have a lower tolerance.

To be safe, try this one in the evenings or when your schedule is clear of strenuous tasks.

The most commonly reported side effects were dry eyes, cottonmouth, and extreme hunger and thirst. Keep food and water on hand, and invest in a bottle of eye drops. 

Although Mojito typically offers a gentle, balanced high, your own attributes come into play. It is best to practice caution when trying any new strain for the first time.

Growing Mojito Weed Strain
Growing Mojito Weed Strain

Flowering time is between 8 and 10 weeks, depending on your choice of environment. Harvest time is roughly 73 days.

The Mojito cannabis strain has a reputation for bringing in high yields, and as long as you know the basics of growing your own weed, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. The hardest part may be sourcing your seeds which are not as easy to find online as most.

You can expect your plant to reach heights of at least 60 inches (at its smallest) with circular, pine green nugs and fine rusty pistils.

Though the nugs may be small, they are dense and sturdy, dripping in golden, crystal-like trichomes.

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Mojito is a photoperiod plant, so having the correct light/sun exposure is vital to your success.

Indoor Yield

The Mojito marijuana strain budding time is +-63 days indoors, and the plant can reach up to 80 inches. It will deliver an average yield of 1-2 OZ/FT2.

Outdoor Yield

Outdoors, the Mojito marijuana strain budding time is 8-10 weeks, and the plant will reach +-90 inches. You can look forward to yields of 2-3 OZ/Plant.


  1. Orange Blossom Trail
  2. Limegerian

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FAQ’s about Mojito Strain

Does Mojito strain taste like its name?

The Mojito weed strain tastes similar to the drink it’s named after. The flavor profile includes mint, citrus, and lime, with subtle notes of rich and creamy earth, similar to chocolate. The combination is a little fruity with just the right level of sweetness, offering an overall refreshing taste.

What should I know about growing Mojito strain indoors vs outdoors?

The benefit of an indoor setup is that you have more control over things like temperature, humidity, and light cycle. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and you’ll need to maintain your environment correctly. You’ll also be working with limited space, so it’s necessary to train your plant. Follow our guide for some indoor growing tips. Outdoor growing relies on the natural environment, which is a huge plus if you’re working on a budget. The plant gets what it needs from the sun, air, and water, so you’ll need less equipment. You may face a few challenges, like unexpected weather conditions and a higher risk of pests, but you’ll be rewarded greatly for your efforts. Our outdoor growing guide will help you get the most of your outdoor harvest.  

How is the Mojito strain an aphrodisiac?

Feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed can cause your libido to drop. Not only do these feelings wreak havoc on your hormones, but they can also cause physical symptoms that result in reduced sex drive. Mojito affects the mind and body to put you in an overall happier, more relaxed state. Without all the racing thoughts and physical discomforts, you’ll feel more open to the world around you, which usually leads to heightened arousal. Surprisingly, this arousal often starts in your mind first, as your newfound sense of freedom drives you to find a connection.


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