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Mixing Cannabis Strains Together? – Don’t Knock It Until You Try It!

mixing cannabis strains

Everyone has their favorite cannabis strain.


Or maybe two, three, or even more. Then there are those that you like but aren’t crazy about. After all, with the hundreds of cannabis strains in the world out there today, it really is crazy to choose just one. You could have one strain that you like waking and baking with, then another one for winding down after work.


But have you ever thought about combining strains and smoking them up together?


The Practice Of Mixing Cannabis Strains


Many cannasseurs know that smoking two or more strains together is a simple and easy way to experience the effects of multiple strains at once. Also known as a ‘salad’, this is a great way to sample multiple strains in one go. Whether you’re a recreational or medical user, you can benefit from trying this out.


What you’ll get is not just an entirely new high, but also amazing health benefits thanks to the terpenes and cannabinoids in both strains that you’re smoking. It will also give you a one-of-a-kind experience in both the flavor and aroma departments. This is essentially what breeders do when they create new strains except that you don’t have to go through the complicated process of breeding and growing a completely new strain on your own. It could, however, give you a peek into what a hybrid strain would feel and taste like.


Given that there are thousands of cannabis strains in the market, there are virtually limitless ways you could combine strains.


Benefits Of A Salad


Aside from a unique taste, there are many other benefits to experimenting with a salad.


For one, a different high. You can look forward to a better high when smoking multiple strains. There are so many cannabinoids and terpenes involved that make this experience so much better.


For example, you can try two energizing strains at once to amplify your brain power before you head out into work. Similarly, you could also try two strong indica strains for a more potent insomnia-killer right before bed. There is also the possibility that using a higher CBD strain with a strong THC strain will help reduce paranoia and anxiety caused by the THC, taking the edge off and giving you a more balanced hit.


There’s also the flavor and taste aspect to consider. The terpene profile in each cannabis strain is responsible for the delicious smells and tastes, so imagine combining several? You could try a sweet strain with a lemony strain to give you a candy-like taste.


In addition, mixing cannabis strains can be a breath of fresh air. You might be tired of smoking the same old strains for the past few weeks, but you happen to have so much of it at home. Simply buy a smaller amount of a new strain and then try a new combo out.


Overall, perhaps the most important point, is that you might just end up loving what you come up with. So many cannabis lovers out there already mix some of their favorite strains after discovering that many simply pair so well together.


How To Mix Cannabis Strains


There’s no right or wrong way to mix cannabis strains.


Some prefer to mix those with opposing effects and different qualities, like a strong sativa balanced out by some indica. However, what you should be paying careful attention to is the ratio. If you are after a perfectly balanced high, you should be combining half and half of each.


What you shouldn’t be doing is mixing different types of products – such as flower and edible. This part requires some common sense to navigate, because you could end up with an extremely strong high that would leave you couch locked for several hours. Stick to the same type of product when mixing strains.


Also, keep in mind that you should go with your tolerance. Mixing cannabis strains is usually a practice done by individuals who are already seasoned cannabis consumers.


If you are pairing two high-THC strains, you might end up getting very stoned and it could be a negative experience. Trying something new with pot requires caution so as to avoid injuries, so this is best done when you are at home and don’t have to operate any machinery. You might also want to do this on a weekend or when you don’t have to work. The idea is to have some fun but also, don’t throw safety out the window.


Furthermore, remember to take care of your flower if you’re mixing bud. When it’s time to divide your stash to combine strains, use sharp scissors or a grinder so that you can efficiently cut the herb instead of using your fingers. Keep the terpenes in good condition by always storing your weed in a place that is free from air, heat, and light for the best effects – and this is a practice that you should be doing at all times, not just when you’re mixing them up.


Here are other tips to try when mixing strains:


  1. Start with the strains you like the most, and experiment pairing them up with others that have opposing or similar flavors.

  2. Fuels should go with fuels. This would give you a top-of-the-line pungent experience because the terpenes would complement each other.

  3. Mix strains in the same family, or have the same parents / grandparents. Their flavors would definitely complement each other for a delicious smoke.

  4. Mix fruity flavors together. For example, Tangie with a Strawberry Banana would be a delicious one!

  5. Pair based on the sought effects. As we discussed earlier, study the known effects of the strains you want to mix to see if the end results are something that you’re after.



Given these tips, we hope you can have a fun time trying out new combinations.






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