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March 2024 Leafly HighLight: The prismatically delicious Z strain


Would a strain by any other name smell as sweet? 

The Original Z (you know its first name) earned its global status with a near-overpowering smell that takes your nostrils for a ride of a lightly sweet, heavily astringent uppercut of citrus. Since The Original Z took home its first big gold medal at the 2016 Emerald Cup, few strains can say they’ve taken home as many awards especially over the last two years. There’s even a new competition 3rd Gen Family Farm has dedicated to its name—started in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park last year.

Looking at the 965 reviews on Leafly, consumers agree Original Z is renowned for a fast onset of physical relaxation and euphoria that many people find opportune for any time of the day. A poll amongst Leafly users saw at least 20% of respondents say it helped with anxiety, stress, or depression; reviews say things like, “on the first pull and I was already feeling my fingers tingly.”

Leafly smokers have a lot of love for the comforting feeling Z seems to inspire, but one of the best has to be, “I’ve just been walking around in my house constantly for about 10 minutes and it’s the coolest thing.”

“I’ve just been walking around in my house constantly for about 10 minutes and it’s the coolest thing.”

Leafly reviewer, Original Z

Who’s got The Z?

Exemplary Z. Grown indoors in living soil by MOCA Humboldt, CA. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Exemplary Z. Grown indoors in living soil by MOCA Humboldt, CA. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Another cool thing about the Original Z is its prevalence in every state you can shop in. You might not always find a straight Z—since it can be a finicky strain to grow for retail—but it’s mixed into about everything nowadays, resulting in a universe including Pineapple Z, Orange Z, Blue Z, Gorilla Z, or even Riddlez, which combines Z with Whitethorn Rose (you might have heard about on Bert Kreischer’s podcast). 


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In California, some of the best Z flower can be found with the Royal Z through Humboldt’s Royal Budline, or through Z-legends The Terphogz, who released a killer batch in their VS bag with SF Canna. Up in Seattle, you can find affordable $120 ounces of Z flower through Swag Bag or find producers like House of Cultivar with 1/8ths that go for around $45-$50.

For cartridge fans, Z provides the bedrock of those bright, impactful flavors. Over in Colorado, you can find 710 Labs highest, Persy tier Z in rosin and flower. Rockin Extract makes a Sour Z and Watermelon Z full-gram cartridges along with a Green Crack that we’ll mention again later in this article.

The Original Z sports a 4.5 out of 5 rating with fans on Leafly. Prized for its flower, its aromatic concentrates and its value in breeding, everybody knows you’re going to win them over when you bring home the Z.


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Where to buy seeds of Z strains

Masonic Seeds' Rainbow Escobar pack. (Courtesy Masonic Seeds)
Masonic Seeds’ Rainbow Escobar pack. (Courtesy Masonic Seeds)

The Original Z has spawned a whole dynasty of technicolor goodness. Check out seeds from Terphogz, 3rd Gen Fam, Archive Seeds and more. We just got done publishing 3 seed guides full of Z winners.

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Z strain awards

Z and crosses stayed winning as recently as 2023. From the Zalympix to the California State Fair cannabis awards and beyond—trophies went to Original Z and Z crosses like Zushi and Rainbow Belts.


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What are the terps of Z?

Is it possible to reduce Z’s hit smell and taste to elementary particles? Mankind keeps trying. Lab samples labeled Z have averaged high in the terpenes caryophyllene, linalool, and humulene. That indeed sounds like a recipe for a punchy, sweet, inviting time.

More highlights for March

Let’s keep the terps flowing with three more green weed picks for St. Patty’s Day.

Green Crack

green crack marijuana strains
Green Crack

This sativa-leaning strain has left a giant footprint in the smoking culture. especially on the West Coast. A stoner’s longtime recipe for a strong body buzz with lots of focus, Green Crack is a cultivar that brings together the legendary Skunk #1 with an undisclosed indica strain. It’s been called Green Crush, Mango Crack, or just “The Mango,” and some say it was even named by Snoop Dogg himself. 

Sour Tangie

A page from DNA genetics’ Reserva Privada collection, you might have already guessed that this combines Tangie with that famous East Coast Sour Diesel. Leafly users, along with stoners on the scene, all report this strain giving off major energy boosts and intense focus. Breeder notes suggest that this grows with two distinct phenotypes, one that’s more Diesel and the other more Tangie.

OG Kush

OG Kush (David Downs/Leafly)
An example of OG Kush. (David Downs/Leafly)

That famous strain that came all the way from Florida to capture the heart of Los Angeles smokers for years. The rich history of OG Kush has been traced and covered in print but it’s tattooed on the hearts of weed connoisseurs who adore its skunky, spicy aroma with notes of lemon pledge and diesel fuel.

And that’s it for March HighLights, but turn on your notifications to keep up with everything coming up this month, including news about Spannabis and exciting plans for 4/20 nationwide. Peace and grease!

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