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Magic Melon Strain Information and Review


There is no doubt that Humboldt Seed Company has made their hometown of Humboldt County, California, proud with this delectable strain.

The Magic Melon strain boasts an impressive genetic lineage, robust terpene profile, exceptional growth patterns, and desirable THC content, checking all the right boxes. 

Sativa/Indica Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
60%/40% 0.5-1 oz/ft2 19 oz per plant 50-56 days (Indoors) and will be ready from late September to early October (Outdoors)

Development of the strain began by cross-breeding Mango Trees and Honeydew Melon. Though this is already a match made in heaven, Humboldt Seed Company then took it further, crossing the Mango Trees/Honeydew Melon hybrid with Mango Sherbet. 

The final product was the extraordinary offspring that came to be named Magic Melon.

It’s clear a lot of thought went into creating this strain, so it comes as no surprise it was chosen as the winning strain selection from the 2018 Humboldt Seed Company’s K Phenotype Mega Hunt.

Review: Magic Melon Strain

This hybrid has a 60:40 sativa dominance with a THC content starting at a modest 15% and reaching heights of up to 25%.

The CBD level averages around 1%-2% and has a terpene profile containing caryophyllene, myrcene, and linalool. Other terpenes included in the makeup are limonene, pinene, and linalool. 

Overall, Magic Melon offers an uplifted and energizing high that settles comfortably into the mind and body to create a balanced and enjoyable stone ideal for afternoon use.

Both seasoned consumers and newcomers will enjoy Magic Melon for its delicious flavors, therapeutic properties, and pleasant high.

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Magic Melon Strain Information

ORIGIN Mango Trees/Honeydew Melon hybrid with Mango Sherbet
EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, berries, and sweet honeydew melon
FLAVORS Honeydew melon, tropical mango, zesty citrus, and exotic berries
ADVERSE REACTIONS Paranoia, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, and nausea
INDICA / SATIVA % 40%-60%
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOOR Will be ready from late September to early October
THC CONTENT % 15%-25%
INDOOR YIELD 0.5-1 oz/ft2
OUTDOOR YIELD 19 oz per plant

Magic Melon Strain Effects

Think Jack and The Beanstalk – a giant stalk stands before you, and though it doesn’t seem like much at first, the experience of a lifetime awaits.

This metaphor encapsulates the journey that is the Magic Melon high. Potent, long-lasting, and unforgettable – but it’s a slow and steady climb to get there.

A tingly euphoria creeps into the body the higher you climb, and once you reach the top, you’ll find that euphoria has overtaken your mind as well.

You’ll rediscover your passion for life as creativity, focus, and motivation replace negative and racing thoughts. 

mango strain
Mango Strain

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Mango is a full-bodied and fruity hybrid that is stunning in appearance and very enjoyable in its effects, as it is balanced and not overpowering.

Though you’ll feel increased energy, you won’t be bouncing off the walls. Instead, you’ll feel calm, happy, and internally at peace.

You’ll become more talkative, introspective, and giggly, making this a great strain to pull out among friends.

This uplifted, energizing high works well in both mind and body, offering relief from various ailments.

As the body becomes more comfortable and relaxed, you’ll feel free of the pain that held you back. Magic Melon may also be useful for glaucoma, migraines, and headaches.

Magic Melon Strain Fragrance
Magic Melon Strain Fragrance

Magic Melon Strain Fragrance

Is it too on the nose to say this one smells like fruit? Maybe. But there is no better way to describe it. It embodies the aroma of a tropical paradise, delivering an array of exotic, fruity notes with just a hit of pungency. 

A swirl of watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, berries, and sweet honeydew melon hit the nose first, followed by striking notes of gas and diesel. It’ll have you drooling at the mouth, eager for a taste. 

Magic Melon Strain Flavor

As the name suggests, Magic Melon bursts with fresh, fruity flavors. Honeydew melon, tropical mango, zesty citrus, and exotic berries create the main flavor profile. 

This combination of sweet and sour elements rolls across the taste buds to entice the senses and get the mouth-watering for more. It perfectly hits the mark between sickly sweet and overly bitter, culminating in a delicious offering you and your friends are sure to enjoy.

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Magic Melon Strain Adverse Reactions

The biggest risk with Magic Melon lies in how the strain takes hold. Magic Melon builds slowly, sending you soaring before bringing you back down. For the most part, the result is an enjoyable sativa dominant high with just the right amount of indica tranquility. 

So, where’s the risk? Well, because the effects don’t immediately hit, it’s considerably easy to overconsume, and you won’t know it’s happened until it’s too late. 

Overconsumption can lead to greening out, which happens when your body has too much THC.

The CB1 receptors in the brain become overloaded, often leading to undesirable symptoms, both physically and psychologically. These symptoms can include paranoia and anxiety, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. 

In some cases, you may also experience increased heart rate or vomiting. When you consume higher amounts, you’re also more at risk of experiencing the sedating effects of the myrcene terpene.

To get the best of the strain’s recreational and therapeutic benefits – and avoid putting yourself at risk – consume this one in small doses and give the strain time to take hold.

More common side effects include dry eyes and hunger.

You can mitigate these easily with water, food, and eye drops. You may also experience slurred speech, although this is less likely.

Growing Magic Melon Strain
Growing Magic Melon Strain

The plant, which develops with dense, jumbo-sized, minty green nugs, thin sandy pistils, and a frosted coating of crystalline trichomes, is short and wide, making it easy to grow indoors outdoors, and in a greenhouse. 

Magic Melon prefers a warm and humid climate and is considerably resistant to mold, bugs, and mildew. The plant responds well to training, and growers can benefit by implementing techniques like the Gas Lantern Method, light deprivation, and outward trellis training. 

Regular pruning, topping, and defoliation are also great ways to boost overall production. These methods increase light exposure and airflow to the middle and lower areas of the plant, helping the inner nodes to stack and encouraging growth.  

Whether you have years of experience or are still developing your skills, Magic Melon will be easy to manage and highly rewarding.

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The Magic Melon strain yield is beyond impressive when grown in ideal conditions. Growing outdoors or in a greenhouse will produce the highest yields. 

Indoor Yield

Flowering time is roughly 50 – 56 days, producing yields around 0.5-1 OZ/FT2.

Outdoor Yield

Harvests will be ready from late September to early October. The Magic Melon strain yield is considerably larger outdoors, producing up to 19 OZ/Plant.


  • Mango Trees/Honeydew Melon hybrid
  • Mango Sherbet

FAQ’s About Magic Melon Strain

Is Magic Melon an autoflower?

Magic Melon seeds are available as regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. Refer to our handy how-to guide if it’s your first time working with an autoflower.

Is Magic Melon Indica?

Magic Melon is a hybrid strain with a slight sativa dominance. What does this mean? The strain has both sativa and indica traits, but the sativa traits come through slightly more. The result is a “chill sativa” – an uplifting, energizing strain that stimulates the mind and body without leaving you bouncing off the walls. 

Does Magic Melon cause you to crash?

No – though the initial rush of cerebral and physical energy will settle down, it doesn’t send you crashing. Instead, you’ll ease into a natural state of content relaxation, like coming home from a fun day out. Note: Sedation is a potential adverse reaction if you consume large quantities of the strain.


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