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Magic City by Jokes Up Exotic Cannabis Strain Review

Stoner Story
In my last post, I discussed my disbelief in the lack of professionalism I saw in the Cannabis Industry as I began to engage more and more folks within it. While I have met many flakey, all talk, can’t return a text, or can’t deliver on a product they have been hyping for years motherfuckers, I have also met some real deal entrepreneurs changing the game whose word is bond.

Recently I was lucky enough to meet one of those real deal entrepreneurs changing the game. To keep his identity anonymous, I will refer to him as Mr. R. Mr. R runs the Runtz Gvng Miami Division. His work has been on my radar for a while. The Miami Runtz Mansion Party I wrote about in the past was one of his many undertakings.

However, his roots go much deeper into the Cannabis and Hip Hop Culture in Miami. Growing up in Miami with access to the best cannabis, it did not take long before he found himself in some of the wildest Miami Mansion Parties partying with the likes of musicians and movie stars. At one of those parties, he met Fat Joe, and are still good friends so many years later. Today Mr. R is advising Fat Joe on potential cannabis lines to be affiliated with.

With the connection to Cannabis, Music, and Hollywood, it only makes sense for Mr. R to be working with Yung LB and the Runtz Crew. With that collaboration, Mr. R is releasing his own Jokes Up Strain, Magic City.

Compound Genetics created the strain Magic City, but the crosses remain a secret. It appears that Compound Genetics is the exclusive Jokes Up Genetic Curator and Culitivor. I have been very impressed with everything Compound Genetics does, and I think this a sagacious move by Jokes Up.

The strain Magic City by Jokes Up is named after the nickname city of Miami. So why do people call Miami the magic city? There are so many reasons; it could be the magical sunsets, the enchanting beaches, the inviting paradise, or the glowing neon bright strip clubs? Take a trip to Miami, and I will let you decide.

The Magic City buds are large colas whose leaves have the perfect balance of blending purple, dark green, light green hues. The long orange hairs sporadically about and immersive tiny white resinous trichome crystals complete the trip to the land of exotics.

The aroma is very complex, and, at first, I found myself challenged to describe it. At its core, I believe there is some Runtz in there with forward fruity herbal notes. Digging deeper, I found the fruity herbal notes complemented by sweet, creamy cakey notes and delicious gassy notes.
The Inhale and The Exhale
The inhale was a mix of sweet, creamy, fruity, and herbal notes while the exhale goes in a more sweet creamy direction with a lingering creamy finish. If you look hard enough, you can find distant gassy notes in the inhale.

The Smoking Experience
I subjectively enjoyed the smoking experience immensely. The flavor profile and aroma are some of my favorites. I also enjoyed how clean the flower burned, burning to a clean white ash. #whiteashgang

The High
The Magic City high is a mix of body and head highs. After smoking Magic City by Jokes Up, I often found my head floating around the room while my body was very relaxed, almost similar to that of CBD on steroids. I found the high perfect for pain management and relaxing.

So was it worth the money and would I buy it again?
Yes #allday. I have really been enjoying the new Jokes Up line up and really enjoyed Magic City. I was concerned when seeing the promotion of strain contracts a while back, but I ama delighted to see consistent quality being delivered.

Where can it be found?
The Magic City strain by Jokes Up can be found in California and Miami. I also expect it to be available at the Jokes Up dispensary soon to be opened on Melrose. The Jokes Up Dispensary was initially slated to open in late October, but Jokes Up has since pushed back the Grand Opening.

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