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Learn to love autoflowers with top-tier genetics from Humboldt Seed Company


Humboldt Seed Company shows that autoflowers absolutely deserve a spot in your garden.

Autoflowering varieties historically have had a bit of a bad rap. With an outdated reputation for being relatively low in potency and yield compared to regular cannabis strains, autoflowers have tended to be overlooked in the past by both commercial and home growers.

These expectations might apply to the autoflowering varieties of the past, but today’s autos can compete nose-to-nose with regular cannabis seeds in both potency and yield, providing beginner and experienced growers with varietals that are easy to grow and care for throughout their life cycle.

The time has come to scrap that old thinking and give autoflowers their proper chance. With several advantages over regular cannabis strains, the right autoflowering variety just might take your grow to a whole new level.

Today’s autos can compete nose-to-nose with regular cannabis seeds in both potency and yield.

That’s especially true when you source your seeds from a world-class producer like Humboldt Seed Company. With a well-earned reputation as one of the premier breeding operations in the nation & beyond, and rooted in the historic center of California cannabis, Humboldt Seed Company is known for its ability to generate top-tier genetics.

The brand’s autoflowering varieties are no exception, and Humboldt’s Founder Nathaniel Pennington feels strongly that an autoflowering revolution is on the rise. The proof is in the breeding: After multiple generations of carefully selected crosses, Pennington is confident his team’s autoflowering varieties are coming out beating the rap of low cannabinoid content and yield to give growers of all scales a product that works fast and efficient like autos do best, while packing the potency, terpenoid content, and yield cultivators typically find in the best regular cannabis strains.

Humboldt Seed Company
Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Company

A fresh look at autoflowers

A lower-maintenance cousin to regular cannabis strains, autoflowering strains are a convenient alternative for experienced commercial growers and budding home growers alike. With the ability to flower “automatically” after a certain amount of time has passed, autoflowers don’t depend on light cycles to produce buds, making the overall growing process both faster and less complicated.


Why grow an autoflowering variety in your cannabis garden?

A highlight of Humboldt Seed Company’s 2022 catalog is the strong lineup of autoflowering seeds here to smash outdated impressions of what autos can do.

This pared-down grow cycle offers commercial growers the ability to reduce the amount of energy and resources they use in their operation while simultaneously maximizing yield to meet demand. The ability to yield multiple harvests of autoflowering varieties in the same amount of time as a single regular grow cycle means large-scale growers can much more easily keep up with the exploding demand for product, and the freedom from the same level of traditional lighting management means that autoflowers can be grown more efficiently & sustainably.

Low-stakes inputs and a shorter amount of time until harvest are also great benefits for new homegrowers who can start to get the hang of the growing process with the ability to grow autos in backyard pots or garden beds and with fewer lighting considerations and then see the fruits of their labor sooner rather than later. Who wouldn’t get hooked after yielding their first successful harvest right from their porch after just 60 to 90 days?

Dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis seeds, Humboldt Seed Company offers an array of options for folks who want to grow their own plants. A highlight of this year’s catalog is the strong lineup of autoflowering seeds here to smash outdated impressions of what autos can do.

Carefully created and selected over multiple generations, Humboldt Seed Company’s autoflowering seeds have the same key qualities that get growers excited about regular cannabis strains, but with all the benefits that autoflowers bring. When you pick up HSC autoflowering seeds, you’re looking at the product of years of fine-tuning from the industry’s very best.

Interested in planting autoflowers? Try one of Humboldt Seed Company’s top autoflowering strains.  

Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Company

Sour Apple

First it’s sour, then it’s sweet. Sour Apple is an exciting combination of Magic Melon Auto and Humboldt Sour Diesel. A sativa-dominant strain with THC levels between 20-24%, Sour Apple marries sweet, fruity terps and vigor with classic fuel terps and high THC levels for a profile with intense effects.

The Sour Apple plant produces buds that look just as exciting as they taste, showing a deep, mottled purple and green topped with a light dusting of frost. A beautiful option for the dispensary shelf or your shelf at home, Sour Apple also offers a quick flowering time of 75-85 days from germination.

Pound Town

Looking for an autoflowering strain that hits hard in every sense of the word? Welcome to Pound Town! A combination of Magic Melon Auto and Sour Apple Auto, Pound Town is an easy yet incredibly productive cultivar that’s perfect for commercial growers or avid home growers. Not only does this plant offer a high yield, it also offers high bud density and THC levels at 20-27%. The hybrid strain also hits hard in terps—combining Fuel, OG, Caramel Apple, and Melon Funk—and gassy, sweet flavors. Pound Town performs well in any grow situation and, like Sour Apple, is harvestable 75-85 days after germination.

Mint Jelly

Talk about top shelf—Mint Jelly is the autoflowering strain cannabis connoisseurs everywhere are going to be talking about. A hybrid strain, Mint Jelly takes on the flower structure of Humboldt Pound Cake to offer ample terps and dense buds. With the smell of sweet mint cake batter and the flavors of cake pops with peppermint icing, Mint Jelly delicately glides in before delivering a lung-expanding, powerful punch. Mint Jelly’s THC levels are between 20-25%, and it produces a heavy-hitting, euphoric, and mind-numbing effect. The plant itself requires very little trellising for a high yield between 3-8 oz. on average. Bred for success, Mint Jelly can be grown in a variety of environments and is ready to harvest 70-80 days after germination.

Humboldt Seed Company
Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Company

Ready to grow these strains or want to check out the full seed selection to pick your perfect auto? Head to to shop all these hits & more.

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