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Learn How Make Weed Stem and Leaves Teas Recipe


After the announcement of the bill that will stop people from being able to smoke out of flavored cigars, we are going to have be more creative with how we get our THC. Here is some cool info I found on making cannabis tea from Rocking the Republic.

  1. Plain Marijuana Tea – Use your “leftovers” or a gram of weed and grind it well into as tiny pieces as possible. Place all the contents into a tea ball and then boiling hot water for about 10 minutes. You can add black teas, green teas, or rooibos to this tea. Try different things and see what you like the taste of. Add hemp milk to help the THC bond. Other vegan substitutes are almond milk, oat milk and any type of nut milk.
  2. Marijuana Tea w. Butter – This is a style of tea that is prepared in a similar way to Nepalese Yak Butter Tea. To make marijuana butter tea in a nutshell, you need a cup of hot boiling black tea, and a tablespoon of marijuana butter. To make it Nepalese style, add a dash of salt and cream to your liking.
  3. Marijuana Tea w. Chocolate Powder – For those who like to make marijuana brownies, this would be the same idea but in a tea form. Use plain marijuana tea as a base and add a tablespoon of chocolate powder and drink.

Good stuff. I haven’t tried this yet but just like whenever I drop knowledge on a new way to get your THC, I want to hear from you guys. If you guys give this one a go, let me and everyone know in the comments.

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