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Leafly takes the Boveda challenge


We took the Boveda “Save the Terps” challenge.

Boveda sent us a sweet little challenge in a box to prove, once and for all, how amazing their two-way humidity-control packs really are.

For this challenge, we took one quarter of the freshest and terpiest herb we could find and split it up into two jars. One just has the weed in it, and the other has a 62% humidity, size 1 Boveda pack inside. After having been locked away in a cool dry place for 30 days, both jars of bud are ready for Justin & Ruben from Leafly to dive into the sniff test, the grind test, and, of course, the smoke test.

Inside each Boveda pack are all-natural salts and purified water locked in a semi-permeable membrane—that means Boveda packs lend moisture in the form of pure water vapor when your bud is too dry and suck moisture in when your flower is too wet, keeping your crop at the ideal humidity level. Boveda packs create a monolayer shield of purified water around your bud’s trichomes, so all those precious terps stay locked in.

Watch the video above to see what Leafly found in taking the Boveda “Save the Terps” challenge.

How does the Boveda challenge work?

Sniff test

Open both jars and give them a whiff. A less pungent aroma in the headspace of the container means that the terpenes were successfully locked in your buds.

Grind test

Grind up about a gram of each flower in clean, unused grinders and smell them both. A richer scent after grinding indicates that terpenes have been well-preserved.


It only takes a second to lock in your crop’s terpenes

Smoke test

Roll the ground flower into separate joints and light them up. You should experience a more well-rounded taste and a less harsh smoke from the flower stored with Boveda’s terpene shield humidity-control packs.

Our verdict? The Boveda flower definitely ruled in the “Save the Terps” challenge.

Boveda has a range of sizes that can protect a few grams from your stash, an ounce from your homegrow, or protect the pounds from your farm. They also have packs to protect your cigars and guitars, so check them out at

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