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Klaus Schwab vs. A Cannabis Democracy


Democracy as we know it is over. Elites like Klaus Schwab tell democratic leaders how to act. The Great Reset is an open conspiracy now.

Democratic states have failed to maintain public order. They have failed to maintain public safety. Our infrastructure is crumbling. The monetary system is failing. Cannabis legalization, a failure. Our reliance on the “rule of law” is to blame. Too many freedoms. Elites have branded technological surveillance as the solution. The individual must become subordinate to the community. Tagged, tracked, and controlled. As in, “You will own nothing and love it.”

You'll Own Nothing. And You'll Be Happy

But what about a cannabis democracy? What about this third option? One that doesn’t rely on unaccountable elites or democratic popularity contests?

Young Global Leaders

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau
Justin Trudeau Canada’s Prime Minister

On its own, the World Economic Forum (WEF) does not control the world. But it does control a lot. And its chairman, Klaus Schwab, has admitted how much control that is. He’s bragged about “penetrating” governments through his Young Global Leaders program. He says “more than half” of Trudeau’s cabinet is part of the WEF program. Does that make them more loyal to Schwab and his cronies than the citizens they swore to represent? One look at the COVID lockdowns, the vaccine passports, or the government’s response to the Freedom Convoy… This question answers itself.

On its surface, their aim is to find suitable future leaders for our global society. The program has included politicians, business leaders, journalists, and even royalty. Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin are alumni. But Klaus Schwab is real proud of his newest batch. People like Justin Trudeau or New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Who are known better for their looks than brains. People willing to carry out an agenda even when their constituents demand otherwise.

This extensive global network peddles influence throughout the world. Ontario Premier Doug Ford may not be one of Schwab’s direct henchmen. But he knows how the narrative works. You don’t want to be the sole political leader in Canada opposing lockdowns and passports. In fact, Doug Ford did oppose passports in the beginning. But Schwab’s Science™ persuaded him otherwise.

Checkpoint Societies

The old communist regimes of Russia and Eastern Europe were checkpoint societies. As in, you lacked mobility freedoms. You couldn’t travel from one area to the next without showing some identification.

The same thing has happened here. Under the guise of a pandemic, our right to travel diminished. Requiring identification used to make sense. Are you legal age to consume cannabis? Are you licensed to drive this car? Restrictions any free society would have. Whether supplied by public or private means.

Vaccine passports are of a different breed. If vaccines prevented infection and spread, there might be a case. A tough one, but an interesting one. But there isn’t a case here. Vaccine passports are about power and control. They are an attempt at limiting spread by applying technological surveillance.

But Klaus Schwab and his cronies likely haven’t read Hayek. And if they have, they didn’t get much from him. Assuming there is no hidden agenda, no nefarious intentions behind the “Great Reset.” There is still the problem of dispersed knowledge. How does one “limit the spread” by means of power and control?

How does one maintain public order and safety by means of bureaucracy? Centralized systems of control fail everywhere they’re tried. Schwab and his cronies can’t even install one without mass opposition.

And they’re looking on an international scale. They want a checkpoint society spanning the globe. This is what Trudeau meant when he wanted to turn Canada into the “first postnational state.” This is why governments and corporations are in lockstep with each other.

It’s the new world order rebranded.

The state is watching

A Cannabis Democracy

At first glance, the phrase sounds ridiculous. What exactly is a “cannabis democracy?”

It is a way out. A third option. Separate from the failed democratic process. But also polar opposite to the Great Reset and its “build back better” propaganda.

A cannabis democracy actually intends to build back better. And it won’t do this by empowering the corporate-state technocratic elite.

Cannabis, of course, is a diverse plant. Its use in medicine, food, and shelter makes it a staple resource.

Industrial hemp grows fast, over 10 feet within 100 days. One acre of hemp produces four times the amount of paper one acre of trees can. It absorbs more Co2 than any other commercial crop. It can be grown on an industrial scale without depleting the soil. And with very little need for water or modern fertilizers.

Hemp promotes biodiversity. It replaces oil-based plastic products. Cannabis makes for decent commodity money. There is no good reason to exclude cannabis from the foundation of our civilization.

Special Economic Zones

How do we go from here to there? One way is to install one or more “Special Economic Zones” (SEZ) in Canada. In these zones, taxes and regulations would be nonexistent. Protection of life and property emerges from voluntary association and trade. No one tells anyone what to do without their consent.

The idea is to provide a real-life comparison. Canadians would have a choice of living in their representative democracy. The same one infiltrated and undermined by a global technocratic elite. Or they could choose an SEZ and experience full responsibility for their actions.

The SEZ will produce a robust society that respects freedom, responsibility, and hard work. Focusing on hemp, its environmental record will surpass anything stemming from Ottawa. Carbon taxes? More regulations? Forced consumption and restrictions of liberty? That’s not building back better. That’s an attempt at control.

It’s Too Late for Klaus Schwab

Decades of mismanagement and corruption have led us here. Listening to the people who caused this mess won’t help. They’re attempting a soft landing. They want to guide us toward their system before it crashes all around them. By the time we realize how poor and unfree we are, they want it to be too late.

But the inverse is happening. People are waking up to their agenda. The crash has only begun. The technological surveillance system is in its early stages. Klaus Schwab and his cronies are already facing opposition to their plans. By reading this and other so-called “misinformation,” you are already doing your part. They will fail. It’s too late for them.


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