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Kief Usages and How Much Kief to Use


If you’re looking for an easy, mess-free way to consume kief, using a pipe may be the best method for you. 

Similar to smoking kief from a joint, the most recommended way to do so in a pipe is by layering it with the bud — flower, kief, flower, kief — or sprinkling it on top of your pipe, and then spark once and enjoy. 

Just remember, unlike dried marijuana, kief will continue to burn and will smolder until it is fully burned. So, spark your pipe, toke, and be attentive, otherwise, it will be gone before you get a chance to reap the benefits. 

Don’t have any bud on hand? You can use kief in a pipe without it. 

But how do you know how much kief to use in a pipe?


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