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Joe Rogan Cancels Canada – Latest Cannabis News Today


Joe Rogan isn’t coming to Canada any time soon.

One of the world’s top podcasters, Joe Rogan also dabbles in stand-up comedy. His Netflix specials have millions of views. He was scheduled to play the Vancouver‘s Rogers Arena on April 20th, 2020. The date later changed to April 20th of this year.

But Joe doesn’t think he can go. Citing Canada’s vaccine policy, Rogan said, “I don’t think I can even get into the country.”

Rogan was sick with COVID-19 and is not vaccinated. On a Christmas Eve podcast with fellow comedian Tim Dillion, Rogan said: “I have the antibodies, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Nothing much makes sense anymore. Unelected “public health” bureaucrats recommend government policy. Elected house members accept it verbatim. No nuanced discussions in parliament. Dissent is intolerable and grounds for dismissal.

This is how cannabis legalization was botched.

Right from the get-go, public health involved themselves. The Laurentian elite moved in, displaced B.C. Bud like they once did with Alberta‘s oil. Legalization isn’t about your right to produce and consume. It is about controlling your cannabis consumption.

And that’s Joe Rogan’s concern. Public health bureaucracy and its arbitrary rules. B.C. halving the venue by half the people for a mild variant. B.C. cancelling the event altogether. Rogan is no threat to anyone. He has antibodies. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot get COVID twice. Although you can get false positives during a particularly nasty cold or flu.

So you want to discover a brand new virus.

A mix of the regular seasonal bug and COVID, and it’s hundreds of times more deadly.

Best to keep regular, then. Eat ruminant meat at least. Go for walks, get some sunshine. If you want to “follow the science,” you’ll examine how our ancestors ate. You’ll likely want to disregard anything ultra-processed. And this isn’t hard to do when you’ve got the munchies. You’d be amazed how fresh strawberries can taste after two weeks with no processed sugars. With a daily regimen of cannabutter, a warm salmon dinner will feel like an orgasm in your mouth.

This is why Joe Rogan’s voice is important.

You don’t get this kind of interpretation with the corporate press. From the beginning of the pandemic, Joe Rogan has been vocal about having a robust immune system. When other media figures hid in their homes with their low-quality laptop cameras, Rogan set up a testing protocol at his studio. Ensuring he and his guests stayed safe.

When vaccines rolled out, Joe Rogan was skeptical of a young person’s need to get one. He said: “If you’re a healthy person, and you’re exercising all the time, and you’re young, and you’re eating well… I don’t think you need to worry about this.”

Is he wrong?

The corporate press ignores and defames doctors that step outside the COVID narrative. Joe Rogan has them on his show for 3-hour conversations. Joe Rogan has always opposed the COVID regime of lockdowns and vaccine mandates. He left California partly because of the Governor’s mismanagement. When he supported cannabis, most people didn’t care. Now that supports an unpopular narrative, people wish him sick.

That is why Joe Rogan is important. That is why Canada won’t let him in. These vaccine mandates are about control, not health. Just as Canada’s cannabis legalization was about control, not your personal liberty.


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