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Is Weed in Your DNA?


cannabis in human DNA

At-home genetic DNA tests have become so popular and trendy over the last few years.


These tests, where you merely swab your cheek or spit in a tube and send it back to the manufacturer to have it analyzed, have made it so easy and convenient to learn about so much: from ancestry information, health and medical patterns within your family, what sicknesses you may be prone to, and even the chance to discover relatives that you perhaps didn’t even know about.


Some of these famous companies include 23andMe, Circle DNA, and Ancestry DNA.


But what about cannabis-specific DNA testing, which use your very own DNA to learn about the most efficient ways to use cannabis? After all, knowing that everyone responds to cannabis differently makes it interesting to learn about how our bodies respond to it. This means that when you are sharing a joint with a group of friends, some of you will have a different reaction to the high based on your very own genetic makeup as well as the strain you’re using, personal experiences with cannabis, and many other factors. Another example is that for many people, high-THC cannabis makes them prone to anxiety and panic attacks while it calms others down.


Instead of doing a trial-and-error experiment with cannabis products, these tests can remove the guesswork – for a fee. You get to learn about exactly what kind of cannabis or CBD product to use, how much of CBD and THC you should be consuming for optimal health, which products won’t give you unwanted side effects of cannabis (this can range for some people from nausea to anxiety, insomnia, couch lock, etc), and which ones are best for any medical conditions you may have suffering from.


Understanding genetics is a very complex thing. The genetic mutations we are each born with can happen and change based on the very individual things we are exposed to in our lives, from our stress levels to the food we consume, we all have a very unique response to cannabis and understanding your DNA can help you learn more about it.


And for many consumers, it’s worth the investment.


Here are some of the common cannabis DNA testing services available on the market:


Endocanna Health


Behind Endocanna Health is a team of scientists that have identified 57 human genetic signatures that have an impact on how we respond to cannabis. Consumers can choose to either swab themselves with a home kit, or you can also send data from another similar DNA service such as 23andMe. The company was founded to solve a problem: helping consumers identify cannabinoid or CBD products that suit their specific needs, which many people already struggle with. 



“Think of us as a scientific matchmaker for cannabis,” explained Endocanna Health CEO Len May to Rolling Stone. “We provide you with your personalized ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes that align best with your genetic profile.”


The Endocanna website states that their product is the future of cannabinoid therapeutics, using the latest science and biotechnology for consumers to determine the best CBD and THC products for them. The patent-pending DNA tests together with genetically-customized formulations create the blueprint for users to learn about the optimal terpene and cannabinoid ratios and profiles that suit them best. For companies and cannabis product manufacturers, these services can help them match products that will work best for their customers on the first go.


Strain Genie


With easily over 10,000 different cannabis strains in the market today, and growing, it can be overwhelming for consumers to decide on which strains work best for them.


That’s where Strain Genie comes in: users get their DNA sequenced using a home test kit, though also you can upload raw data from other similar kits such as 23andMe. Afterwards, you will be asked to answer an optional questionnaire and share information about cannabis products or brands that you have already tried in the past. Then you will receive a full personalized report telling you about how your body and mind work with the various terpenes and cannabinoids so you can find out which ones suit you.


In addition, they can also make recommendations on CBD products as well as cannabis products that you can buy in a dispensary nearby, if you live in a state with legal adult-use or medical cannabis


Dynamic DNA


Dynamic DNA offers a range of DNA testing available with categories for consumers to choose from. There are tests for Proactive Health, Family + Ancestry, Personalized Medicine, and then there’s Cannabis under substances.


The steps are similar to other cannabis DNA testing methods: order a kit from the website, give a sample of your cheek swab, send in the mailer, and your DNA report will be mailed back to you. The test results will help you learn about 13 genetic traits that give you the information you need for maximizing your cannabis experience while also avoiding any unwanted side effects.


Furthermore, after you have your report, you can learn about the best THC:CBD ratios to better navigate the cannabis products on the market.





Cannabis-focused DNA testing services are a great way for curious canna consumers to dive deep into scientific insights about their health and endocannabinoid system. While recreational cannabis users may want to do this for fun or simply to learn something new, these are excellent tools for medical patients or first-time medical marijuana patients who want to know which products work best without having to do a trial and error, so that they can find the best way to medicate for their specific needs and get it right the first time.


Have you ever tried one of these DNA test kits for cannabis?






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