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Is Marijuana Powder a Game-Changer for Edibles? Wait, What is Cannabis Powder, Anyway?


cannabis powder

Cannabis powder is here to stay!

Cannabis powder is not a new product; it has been around for more than five years. It’s only just getting its due recognition due to the new legislation here and there. Entrepreneurs along the West Coast have included powdered cannabis edibles in their stocks, and at the rate it’s been gobbled up, we could be in for a game-changer

Many people seem to believe cannabis powder is cannabis flowers which have been ground into fine dust. Well, it’s not! Yes,  it is not flowers, but cannabis oils.


What Is Cannabis Powder?

This is a product made from cannabis oil. In any production process, the oil extract is mixed in the form of starch that is soluble in edibles and drinks. Cannabis powder is mixed into water, where it dissolves. Many people expect these products to sit on the surface of the liquid because it was made from oil extract; however it doesn’t. When consumed, the user feels the effects of the powder in less than 30 minutes after use. The product is fast gaining popularity among medical marijuana patients due to its quick-acting effect.

Cannabis powder is more preferable because it is easier to use, and there is less risk compared to other delivery methods. Cannabis powder falls under the category of edibles.


How Edibles Used to Work

Edible cannabis companies have always produced edibles from oil tinctures and extracts. But, in the past, it was not done perfectly. The products most times failed to dissolve in the drinks fully. While pre-infused products most times had the wrong labels stating the number of cannabinoids within each bite. Then, there was no exact way to know if one was taking too much or too little THC/ CBD  than the labeling states.

With the creation of cannabis powder, many have very little reason to stick with pre-infused snacks or drinks when they could just make their edibles with a pack of marijuana powder. This way, there is less risk of taking too much CBD, etc. A study once tested about 50 different brands of pre-infused edibles to check if they were properly labeled with the right doses. Only 17% of those products passed the test. More than 50% contained lesser cannabinoids than what was stated, while the remaining few had more than what the package claims.

It is wrong that one cannot buy pre-infused drinks without knowing the accurate contents of the products?


How Strong Is Marijuana Powder?

It is very strong! But luckily, you can take only what you can handle (in as much as you know your limit). First-time users are often advised to start with tiny doses and then move up the dosage once they’re sure they can handle it. The major benefit of this product is that the consumer can modify the contents to make it very strong or weak.

Based on individual production companies, the strength of a marijuana cannabis powder can vary from brand to brand. In a new market, you have to find a brand you’re comfortable with and stick with them. Many regular users claim that the powder product is not as effective as the cannabis oil extract, but it is as strong as or even stronger than cannabis flowers. Fortunately, you can dial up on the dose by adding a little more powder, and you can reduce it by using a smaller quantity. The ball is entirely in your court.


Why You Should Go with Marijuana Powder in Your Edibles?

There are many reasons why people are moving to marijuana powder and making it their main method of infusing cannabinoids into other edibles. Common edibles can take as long as 90 minutes to 2 hours for all the major cannabinoids to be broken down, digested, and affect the consumer. With marijuana powder, the infused edibles are broken down and digested in less than 30 minutes. Their quick breakdown and effectiveness do not reduce the duration of the effects. The user can feel the impact of the product for at least 4 hours.

With cannabis powder, there are no telltale signs of the natural flavor of cannabis. The infused products do not smell like or taste like cannabis. It does little to affect the normal taste of the drink or edible itself. In pre-infused products, the natural flavor of cannabis is almost distinct, especially in products with very high dosages.

In addition to the listed advantages, the dissolving property of the cannabis powder is another upside. Regardless of how much you put in your meal or drink, its presence is undetectable. It does not create a film at the top of the drink, nor do they form sediments in the meal.

The immediate effect and longer impact duration are major reasons why cannabis powder is becoming more important to medical patients each day. They are assured better relief from their conditions in record time. Overall, cannabis powder is healthy and can be infused into almost everything, if not everything.


What’s More?

In the future, cannabis powder will likely be the most efficient and safest delivery method of cannabinoids into the body. Researchers are still working on creating the perfect marijuana powder to suit the needs of every consumer. As time progresses, you may want to pay attention to this niche, as many more benefits and uses for the products pop up. You definitely want to be on top of this situation.


Bottom Line

Cannabis Powder is a potent product that is fast being a major part of the legal, medical cannabis industry. However, it still needs more innovations to become that best form of edible with regards to purity and even cannabinoids distribution. Patients stand to gain the most from this product because it takes at most 20 minutes to produce the desired effect on the user. The most amazing aspect of this product is the fact that it gives the user the control to determine just how high they want to get. If you hate smoking weed and you haven’t tried this product, then you’re missing out!






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