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Indica vs. Sativa: A Comprehensive Overview


Most of what you’ll purchase from dispensaries are hybrid strains of indica and sativa, and most cannabis users find that they enjoy these hybrids because of the effects. 

Hybrid strains are ideal for those looking for a balanced high. An even mix of indica and sativa, for example, can offer light relaxation while still helping you focus. 

If you’re looking for this balanced high, try to find a hybrid that is an (or close to even) mix of indica and sativa. 

Hybrid strains may also be a mixture of breeds of the same strain, like an indica with another indica or a sativa with another sativa.

Genetically mixing sativa and indica was one of the most important things that ever happened in modern marijuana. It opened the door to genotypes and phenotypes that we never would have imagined possible.

We have way more strains of marijuana now than we did fifty years ago. Strains like…

  • Blue Dream
  • OG Kush
  • And White Widow

…are more hybrid success stories, not to mention Trainwreck, AK-47 and Cheese.

Breeders are usually playing something of a puzzle game with strains; trying to get a plant to show this quality and that quality. By mixing the qualities of both indica and sativa, breeders have created an even bigger gene/phene pool in the world of cannabis. Even genetic mutations have become accidental winners, revealing qualities to us that we didn’t even know the marijuana plant could have.

Hybrid mixing basically changed marijuana genetics, and although it can be harder and harder to come across pure strains, more and more are being created.


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