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Important Things to Know About Yeast // Get Er Brewed

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Choosing the correct yeast and following good practices will help you have success fermentations, we briefly look at the following points in relation to AEB yeast

1. Sensory Profile of yeast
2. What flavours you want to express
3. How yeast should perform during fermentation – Attenuation and final alcohol content
4. Alcohol Tolerance
5. Flocculation – the ability for yeast to gather together and form clusters and subsequently settle, comparing haze positive strains like Juicy New E vs High flocculating yeast like Clean Ale AY4
6. Ph – what way to approach sour beer production and wort ph vs beer ph
7. Temperature – how higher temperatures promote higher levels of flavour active compounds

We have dedicated technical support available for commercial brewers who want to try using AEB Yeast strains

We would love to talk to commercial brewers about their yeast requirements, get in touch and we can arrange one of our sales teams to get in touch

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