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I Tried CBD Oil And It Didn't Work.

Cannabis has taken the wellness industry by storm. Medical marijuana has been used for thousands of years, but does it really work? One molecule in particular – CBD – has been getting a lot of attention and it’s been hyped up as a cure for everything from pain relief to Parkinson’s, anxiety and even cancer. But is it really the miracle cure it’s so often claimed to be? In this video we’ll look at the evidence and decide if it’s proof or puff.

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Big thanks to Dr Jeff Chen, a true CBD expert & Founder of Radicle Science, for taking the time to chat to me about CBD! His team are doing some incredible research work to further our understanding of CBD & various other non traditional treatments. You can check them out at or on instagram: @radiclescience or Facebook: Radicalscience

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Writing: Pandora Dewan
Editing: Daniel McMahon (Tiktok: @dodford) & Will France (IG: @realwillfrance)

Disclaimer: This content does NOT constitute as medical advice

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