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I Gave My Anxious Cat CBD Hemp Oil And Here's What Happened

My 15 year old cat Kate Moss was rescued when she was a 6 week old feral kitten. Although she’s now a happy and healthy adult, she’s never got over her intense shyness and will still run from us when we try to pet her or pick her up. It’s like the “flight response” that feral cats have never went away, even though Katie has lived 15 years in a safe, calm and loving home. I think she wants to receive affection but she just can’t allow herself to relax, she has so much anxiety! When I read about CBD oil being used to help calm nervous cats, I thought I would give it a try.

CBD or Hemp Oils are all over the news these days, with claims that they can heal anything from depression, anxiety, and a whole range of other ailments. The hemp plant does contain powerful compounds called Phtyocannabinoids which can have an effect on brain functions and the nervous system – sometimes with very positive results. CBD oils are way to ingest these compounds without with the THC that causes a “stoned” effect as it’s cousin plant, marijuana does. While studies about the effectiveness of CBD oils are ongoing, most vets agree it is safe for cats to consume when given as directed.

I purchased two CBD oils for cats from two reputable companies and gave Kate Moss a full dose every day for one month. This video explains the changes I observed in her behavior after a month of the CBD oil. In short, I think there’s some promise! Watch to see the whole story and please leave and questions or thoughts in the comments.

Here are links to the two CBD oils shown in the video:

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Oil:
Pet Releaf Hemp CBD oil:

My website/blog:
More videos:

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