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HTFSE Explained

High terpene full spectrum extract or HTFSE is technically any product that comes from cannabis flowers, and is extracted in a lab setting. Growers these days are trying their hardest to be able to produce pure Marijuana based products. With each of them having potentially different ways of being consumed. In turn, this can make the experience that you get from one product completely different from what you can expect from another.


The way that you’ll potentially consume an HTFSE, and the kick you may get out of it is not the only thing that’s different from a traditional blunt. The extract can also feature different aromas. The final product that you’re actually getting can be completely different as well. Terp sauce, for example, is a popular HTFSE. When you look at the consistency of Terp sauce you are not necessarily going to think that it’s made from the same plant that you get typical marijuana from. Vaping, or dabbing  HTFSE can be a completely different experience.


Chose The Right HTFSE


Delta Extrax

Choosing the right HTFSE for you can be a tough decision to make. Typically, these extracts need to burn at really high temperatures. So if you like to vape then you’re going to be able to enjoy this experience a lot more. Speaking of enjoying the experiences, different types of HTFSE’s are going to give off different aromas, and overall flavors.


The kick that you’ll get from these is much more severe than what you can expect from a typical smoking experience. Especially when compared with marijuana that has not gone through some of the chemical procedures that these pure extracts go through.


You may have to go through a bit of a trial and error process with these extracts. To find the one that’s going to give you the experience that you’re looking for. Keep in mind that the effects tend to be more potent. Pick the right setting for your first experience.


What Type of Chemical Process Do HTFSEs Go Through?


The process focuses on the extraction of terpenes. There are technically multiple ways to get this done. A popular procedure that is used to make terp sauce is to flash freeze the plant. The idea is to freeze the cannabis plant to be able to preserve as many terpenes as you can in the process. What you’re getting is a much purer substance for sure. At the same time though, they tend to pack a much heavier punch. Precisely because a larger concentration of terpenes has been preserved.


When it comes to the actual process that the plant goes through it can be said that they are sometimes frozen as we mentioned. From there, an extraction process takes place. That’s really what allows labs to be able to create the yellow, crystal-like substances that we usually associate with HTFSE. Are these safe substances to consume?


As with any substance of this kind, make sure that you’re buying from a certified seller. Also, use a dose that you can be comfortable with.


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