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How to Use Cannabis for Workout Recovery


It seems we regularly hear that we need to exercise more. However, it’s challenging to feel motivated when our bodies are achy and sore. Taking care of our body post-workout can make it easier to stay engaged with fitness and keep us motivated — and cannabis can help. Learn how to use cannabis for workout recovery.

Discover the ways cannabis can improve your relationship with fitness.

How Does Cannabis Help With Workout Recovery

We already know that cannabis helps to manage pain and inflammation. But, what does the research say? A 2016 study found that CBD reduced pain in the joints by reducing inflammation. A 2011 study found that cannabis reduced pain by impacting how pain receptors respond to stimuli. 

Another 2016 study found that topical application of CBD also helped to relieve pain and inflammation.  Additionally, cannabis can help improve sleep which is essential for bodies to heal and recover. 

How to Use Cannabis for Workout Recovery

Cannabis will help reduce pain and inflammation through any consumption method. Maybe you bring your vape pen or favourite cannabis gummies with you to the gym, or you add your tincture to your post-workout protein shake or smoothie. Some consumption methods will take effect more quickly, but anyway you consume cannabis post-workout, the cannabinoids will help reduce pain and inflammation.

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In addition, there are some ways to use cannabis specifically for workout recovery.

Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are a great way to target specific aches and pain related to fitness. Apply your favourite cannabis topicals to your muscles and joints pre and post-workout to feel relief.

Cannabis topicals come in both THC and CBD. But the great thing about topicals is they don’t absorb into the bloodstream — meaning you can use THC and CBD together for added relief without being worried about psychoactive effects.

There are even cannabis-infused topical bars — perfect to keep in your gym bag.

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Cannabis Bath Products

A nice hot bath after a workout is not only relaxing but can help soothe your muscles. Add a cannabis-infused bath bomb or cannabis bath salts for the added relaxation and soothing power of cannabis. Get your soak on with cannabis.

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Athletes everywhere are starting to see the power of CBD and include it as part of their health and wellness routine. Some athletes take a CBD capsule in the morning or before bed. But you can add CBD into your health routine in whatever way works for you.

For Sleep

Getting good sleep is an essential part of post-working recovery, as this is when our muscles rebuild. Add cannabis as part of your nighttime routine to get better sleep.

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What About Cannabis For Workout Motivation? 

Yes, you can also use cannabis for workout motivation. Cannabis releases the same endorphins as experienced with a ‘runner’s high’, which can help to motivate us to move our bodies. 

To mitigate safety concerns, we recommend consuming CBD only as a pre-workout. CBD is not intoxicating; therefore, it should not impact your balance while running or lifting weights. However, we recommend becoming familiar with all products you consume before using them pre-workout.

If you want to consume THC products before engaging with fitness, make sure you have a buddy and do safe activities such as walking, stretching, or yoga. We also always recommend starting with a small dose.

Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water. 

Ready to start using cannabis for workout recovery?


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