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How to use Cannabis for Self Care


Self-care is essential to help reduce stress, maintain balance, and prevent burnout. We know that cannabis can help manage stress, but how can we use cannabis for self care? 

First, it’s important to know that self-care is simply the practice of taking care of ourselves. On the surface, it may seem simple, like relaxation and bubble baths, it is much more than that. Self-care is something we can build into our everyday routine by moving our bodies, eating healthy, sleeping better, and knocking this off our to-do list. And cannabis can aid in all of these activities. 

What self-care and cannabis consumption isn’t

Smoking a bowl after work and then melting into the couch to scroll aimlessly through social media is not exactly what we mean by using cannabis for self care.  

cannabis for self care
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How to Add Cannabis Into Your Self-Care Routine

Move Your Body

Of course, every list of self-care tips will include exercise, and that might have you rolling your eyes, but use cannabis to help motivate you. 

We say move your body rather than exercise because we want to encourage you to move your body in whatever way feels good for you without putting on any pressure to do intense exercise. 

Here are some ways cannabis has helped us move:

  • Getting outside and taking a walk in nature
  • Relaxing into yoga or a deep stretch 

Cannabis can help with workout motivation because it releases the same endorphins as people experience with a ‘runner’s high.’ It also helps manage post-workout soreness, specifically pain and inflammation, making fitness part of our routine easier. 

Eat Well

Yes, we should all try to eat healthy when we can, but that is challenging. Instead, let’s make cannabis consumption part of our self-care routine by making our favourite meal or snack infused with cannabis. 

There are many cannabis edibles on the market now, but making something nourishing for your body can be an integral part of the process. Get some cannabis-infused coconut oil, butter, or olive oil (or make your own) and grab your favourite recipe for a relaxing night. 

Make Checking Off To-Dos Fun

Knocking things off your to-do list can be a vital part of taking care of ourselves. When we have a long list of to-do’s, it can be hard to allow ourselves to sit and relax, especially when those to-dos are chores. (It can be challenging to relax in a cluttered environment). So, use cannabis to make the things on your to-do list more fun. 

Be creative and turn chore time into playtime in whatever way makes sense for you. Consider blasting your favourite music and having a chore dance party. If you have housemates, a partner, or children, consider making it a game or competition. 

Hard Relax

Consume your favourite cannabis and hard relax with intention. 

  • Grab a cannabis bath bomb or bath salts and have a nice long soak. 
  • Lay down or sit down and meditate 
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Watch your favourite movie or TV show

Whichever activity you choose (it doesn’t have to be from this list), make sure you do it mindfully. If you find your mind wandering to anxious thoughts or your hand reaching for your phone, bring your attention back to the moment and focus on being present. Let cannabis help you unplug and dial in to take control of your self-care time.

Sleep Hard

Sleep is one part of our routine that often gets impacted when we are stressed. And when we sleep less, we are more likely to feel irritated and anxious. Getting better sleep can make a huge difference in our overall mental wellness. 

Good sleep hygiene suggests a bedtime routine that helps prepare our bodies for sleep, and cannabis can be a valuable part. Thirty minutes or so before bed, consume your favourite indica or dose of CBD, unplug from electronics, dim your lights, and engage in relaxation activities that are conducive to sleep. 

Take Care of Your Personal Needs

Cannabis has been making its way into the bedroom, and for good reasons. Studies found cannabis increases arousal and improves satisfaction with orgasms in people with vulvas. 

So, grab your cannabis-infused lube (and maybe a partner) and take some time to satisfy yourself. Take your self-care to the next level with cannabis.

Get Creative

Taking time to get creative and engage in a hobby can be incredibly relaxing. Use cannabis to get your creative juices flowing and get creative with something you love or try something new. 

Maybe you want to draw, paint, sing, make music. Or perhaps you just want to break out the adult colouring book. Whatever you choose, have fun with it. 

Final Thoughts on Cannabis for Self-Care

Adding cannabis to any of your favourite activities can be part of your self-care routine as love as you are doing so safely and intentionally. Make sure to take time for yourself, and if cannabis helps you along the way — even better.


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