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How to Trim Marijuana Buds Explained by Expert Growers


Trimming is an essential skill when preparing cannabis buds for smoking. Knowing how to trim weed will lead to a smoother experience when smoking it.

How to Trim Marijuana Buds:

There’s also the benefit of better-looking buds once it’s bagged or stored, which is vital if you’re a commercial grower.

Why Is It Important To Trim Marijuana?

Regardless of whether you’re a commercial or home grower, trimming weed is a crucial part of storing, bagging, or smoking your buds.

Trimming reduces the amount of unnecessary plant matter and the amount of moisture content in your buds which helps greatly in the process of curing.

Trimmed buds provide a smoother experience, as much of the unnecessary plant matter, such as its sugar and fan leaves has been removed.

These parts, even though they contain traces of trichomes, are harsh to smoke. Trimming off the sugar and fan leaves gets you that desired smooth experience 

The reduced plant matter also increases the appeal of the buds since they would all be uniform in size and shape.

The buds now have a tighter appearance which is what many cannabis connoisseurs look for when browsing through a dispensary.

Lastly, trimming weed also helps with storage because you won’t have to worry about your buds becoming contaminated with mold due to the high moisture content from the leaves.

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However, there’s a bit more to storing your marijuana buds than just trimming them.

Learn more about storing your marijuana buds.

When Is A Good Time To Trim Cannabis?

An important part of knowing how to trim buds is first understanding when you can start trimming them. It’s recommended that you don’t heavily trim your cannabis plants right as they’re about to flower. 

Doing heavy trimming too early could potentially delay, or worse, completely stall your cannabis plants from flowering.

However, if you trim too late, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up with small buds due to overcrowding from the fan leaves.

You should trim your cannabis buds during the final two weeks of their flowering phase. Even then, you have to be meticulous about it.

Only remove the fan leaves on your cannabis plants because they can potentially overcrowd and shade the bud sites of your cannabis plant.

Additionally, you can also flush your cannabis plants before you start trimming them since flushing syncs well with trimming.

Flushing is a way to maximize the quality of your buds by forcing the roots of your cannabis plants to absorb and use any leftover nutrients in the soil, resulting in smoother and more flavorful buds. 

Like trimming, most recommend flushing during the last two weeks of the flowering phase. Learn more about how and when to flush marijuana plants

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How To Trim Weed Buds

Now that you know the why and when to trim weed buds, let’s get into how to trim weed buds.

First, remove the large fan leaves from the branches of your cannabis plants.

Do this lightly throughout the last two weeks of flowering to avoid buds from being shaded and overcrowded. Upon harvest, either hand-trim the fan leaves or have a weed trimming machine do it for you.

The second step involves removing the buds from the branches using scissors or shears. The cutting tools you use must be sterile and clean to keep your buds from becoming contaminated with mold later once stored.

Lastly, with a clean tray and container beside you, start trimming the exposed bottom stem of your buds as well as any branches that come up.

Afterward, you should lightly remove the sugar leaves that poke out of the buds, making sure that you only remove ones that don’t have as much resin as the others.

You only want to remove some of the sugar leaves because they contain THC as well. Additionally, they also hold the buds together, so removing all of them can potentially result in lesser quality buds that look loose and airy.


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